All The Tools You Need For Next-Level Arches, Inspired By Your Favorite Celebrity Brow Icons

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Beauty would be boring if it always stayed the same. Luckily, the “ideal” look is ever-changing, which means the definition of an exemplary set of brows has varied heavily over the years. From pencil-thin, rounded brows of the '20s to barely-there arches of ‘90s supermodels, the eyebrow archetype is a moving target. Over the past decade, the thicker look has reigned supreme, and now that the perfectly sculpted, ombre Instagram brow is behind us, furry arches are fuller and freer than ever. Certain celebrities have led the charge, and thanks to the best brow tools and Instagram selfies, iconic brows aren't so hard to achieve.

Ahead, The Zoe Report's four essential steps and tools for perfect, bushy brows — inspired the four brow-positive beauties below.

Fill 'Em In

Aside from totally nailing a dark brown blunt bob time and time again, Lucy Hale is a bonafide brow boss. Thanks to her full, natural arches, the Pretty Little Liars star appears on beauty mood boards around the world. Very rarely is someone blessed with perfectly even brows, but sparse hair and patchiness are easy to fix — just fill in the spaces with a pencil of your go-to color. The new launch from Fenty Beauty is dual-ended and perfect for filling, brushing, and blending. Plus, it comes in a range of less common shades (hi, redheads!).

Define The Arch

Natural hair goddess Yara Shahidi is no stranger to stunning strands, but she keeps her unique quirks in tact along the way. A master of untamed ringlets and bushy brows, the Grown-ish star doesn't seem to have fallen victim to the over-plucked brows trend of the '90s and early 2000s. Despite boasting a perfectly crafted arch, the actor allows stray hairs at the head of her brows to go rogue and do their thing. A defining tool is essential for accentuating your arch like Shahidi, so opt for a matte pomade and a sharp brow brush.

Texturize And Thicken

Cara Delevingne has one of the most iconic sets of brows in the game — and for good reason. The English model's furry arches are what thick, bushy dreams are made of, thanks to her bold tint and serious texture. To achieve the enviable Cara-effect, thicken, define, and darken brows in one fell swoop with a tinted gel, like Glossier's top-rated Bow Brow.

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Trim It Up

A good bushy brow is all about setting your strands free, but an occasional trim can really make your natural shape pop. Emily Ratajkowski has stunning definition while still appearing natural, and a little snip-snip will give you that tamed-yet-wispy effect. Brush brows up and carefully trim along the top arch with a sharp mini scissor, like the one from Tweezerman, below.