The $7 Drugstore Staple That Gave Gigi Hadid Perfect Brows At Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2020


If you ask me, the best part about New York Fashion Week includes the beauty trends that come strutting down the runway. Designers work with hairstylist and makeup artists to concoct the looks that will be huge next season — whether it includes boho braids or bright, bold lips. But not all of these makeup looks are super attainable and accessible. For as much as you might love the appearance of wet hair or a gorgeous, glittery eye, they aren't the most wearable looks on the planet. That's why I love whenever a great tip (particularly a brow-related one) comes along that I can actually use in my everyday life.

Luckily, the shows during the Spring/Summer 2020 collections in New York delivered. While bold makeup looks definitely reigned supreme (and made my little heart sing), there was a bevy of wearable ones, too. Both Brock Collection and Michael Kors sent models down the runway with fresh faces and bold brows. Yes, these arches were so enviable, there had to be some magic behind them. But the only wizardry seen was that of the makeup variety. And the artists responsible were kind enough to share their tricks.

Backstage at Brock Collection, lead makeup artist Gucci Westman, working with her namesake brand, created a tomboy-ish beauty look after she saw the clothes. "The collection is quite romantic and etherial, soft, and dreamy," she said. "We wanted [the beauty look] to have a toughness, and the easiest way to achieve that strength is through the eyebrow, since it's so expressive."


Westman opted to brush up the brows and fill them in with pencil for some of the models. If the girl had black brows, however, she used a black lipstick on the brow hairs to punch up the arch instead of a pencil.

She then dipped a brush in her Lit Up Highlight Stick and brushed the highlighter across the brows for a shiny, glossy finish. "Adding it with a brush makes sure that the color doesn't come off," Westman told TZR. The addition of the highlight to the brows is genius, because it draws light to them, allowing the focus to be on the brows. And since Lit Up isn't sparkly, it added that drama in a subtle, but sophisticated, way.


The focus was on the brows backstage at Michael Kors, as well, where lead artist Dick Page, working with Maybelline, said that he was trying his hardest to not get in the way of the models' natural beauty. "The main thing is amping up the brows, and amping up the brows in a really natural sense," he said.

He used Maybelline's BrowFast Sculpt Gel Mascara, which launches in January 2020, layering it on the arches to add weight to the shape. "The more layers you add, the more bold the brows wind up looking," Page said. Then, to seal it all in, he applied the brand's clear Great Lash Mascara to the hairs. The iconic formula worked to not only make sure the brows didn't move, but also add a subtle gloss and sheen. The result was a look that you couldn't keep your eyes off of — exactly what Page intended.

So, yes, bright shadows and extreme highlighting are makeup looks to salivate over. But a good brow tip? That's priceless. And these two tricks from Westman and Page just earned themselves a place in everyone's beauty routines.