Miranda Kerr’s Secret To Perfect Eyebrows Will Surprise You

Donato Sardella

Miranda Kerr is undoubtedly blessed with good genes—but she’s also picked up some solid skincare and makeup lessons from the pros she’s worked with throughout her successful modeling career. These lessons have turned the beauty into quite the expert herself, particularly in the brow arena. Miranda recently revealed something rather surprising in a recent interview. She explained that she can actually pluck her arches, wait for it, without a mirror.

Now, we’re lucky if we can grab a hair or two properly with a magnified compact and Miranda can get the job done without even any sort of reflection—that’s talent. She further explained that, as a kid, she’d sit in her business class and her teacher would have to ask her to put her tweezers away, although she insisted it’d help her concentrate better. One thing’s for sure: If we ever had the opportunity to get our eyebrows groomed by the model-turned-businesswoman, we’d definitely give it a go.