Why My Favorite NARS Product Isn't The Orgasm Blush

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Every makeup obsessive has that one product that will always hold a special place in their heart. For me, it's Orgasm — that cult favorite blush from NARS with the wondrous name — which I'll always remember as my first real acquaintance with a cosmetics brand. Fast forward, and my love affair with NARS has only grown deeper with every sleek, black-packaged launch. But as any brand loyalist knows, the best NARS products go far and beyond that iconic cheek tint: The base products, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and mascaras are all, well, orgasmic.

Shanghai Express, Jungle Red, and Casablanca were among the 12 lipstick shades imagined 25 years ago by renowned makeup artist and photographer François Nars. The resulting brand, which befittingly took on the innovator's surname, eventually grew to be one of the largest makeup powerhouses in the world with some of the most sought-after multi-use formulas, and a brand mission of inclusivity that existed long before the post-Fenty Beauty era.

So with 2019 marking a quarter of a century, what better way to commemorate another year around the sun than even further expanding its reach into the beauty industry? The brand's first-ever fragrance, Audacious, a scent created in a magical partnership with distinguished French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, arrived right in time for fall with the dazzling disco-inspired Studio 54 holiday collection following closely behind.

While NARS is celebrating a quarter of a century with exciting new launches, there seems to be no better time to round up three of Hollywood's most prominent makeup artists who all swear by an overwhelming slew of the brand's products to keep celebs looking their best.

Why do they keep coming back, you ask? Well when you can find the trifecta of an Orgasm, Sex Machine, and a Climax in one place, why would you ever want to stray? (Those are all product names, for the record). However, for Quinn Murphy, whose clients include Maggie Gyllenhal and Nathalie Emmanuel, he keeps his stash chalked full because there's no formula that NARS hasn't mastered. "From the perfect neutral to the most saturated hue they are exquisitely balanced."




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