The Insta-Famous Beauty Device I'm Putting To Work While Self-Isolating

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For some time, I’ve prided myself on my quick beauty routine. It seems speed and efficiency were always the priority because of my often-packed work and social schedules. And while I loved (and invested in) plenty of beauty devices and at-home tools, I confess they often collected dust in my hall closet — until recently. Yes, the shift to social distancing and self-isolating has granted me the luxury of time to put some of these fancy beautifiers to work.

To be clear, prior to the current health crisis, my life had a running “hurry up and go” theme that I catered to in virtually every way: convenient meal kits, drive-thru car washes, and a 15-minute beauty routine that got me out the door in a flash. And while the latter certainly serves its purpose, there were times I longed for quiet evenings or afternoons on my couch devoted solely to running a rose quartz roller around my face. While I wish my now-open schedule didn’t come at such a devastating price, I’m trying to utilize this free, solo time for self-care, self-improvement, and things that just make me feel good.

Angela Melero

I decided to crack open my beauty closet and pull out all the fancy beauty devices that had sadly gone unused for so long. I grabbed the Foreo facial cleanser that I never got around to playing with because it intimidated me. I also reached for the luxurious NuFace Trinity that I felt took up too much time to actually put to practice regularly. Oh, and you better believe I picked up the aforementioned rose quartz roller to put to work while I binge watch Next In Fashion.

Because some of these devices don't necessarily play well together (dermaplaning and microneedling are not exactly a dynamic duo), I've started slowly carving away at testing them out. So, some I've been able to put to use immediately, while others are on deck for the coming weeks. What I've found thus far is that, even if some of these devices aren’t items I would regularly employ in the future, the practice of caring for my skin and body in a new (and more thoughtful way) is doing wonders for my mental state. The power of self-care, right?

To walk you through my product journey, ahead 10 beauty devices I have (or plan to) put to work while self-isolating.

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