Target’s January 2019 Home Arrivals Are A Modern Take On The Pantone Color Of The Year


Why is it that whenever Target gets a new batch of home decor, you're seriously tempted to switch up your entire home? The superstore consistently nails a successful balance between modern, timeless, and trendy decor offerings, and Target's January 2019 home arrivals are no exception. And in case you actually needed an excuse to explore its latest launches, there's one trend in particular that Target's proving worthy of trying. The store is stocking tons of stylish takes on Pantone's Color of the Year, living coral, and they're chic enough to convince you to officially add the color to your space.

When Pantone initially announced that living coral is 2019's Color of the Year, you might've had some mixed feelings. The color is warm, exciting, and (as the name suggests) full of life, but how can you incorporate it into your day-to-day without throwing off the rest of your decor? Target's Project 62 line is offering up a solution in its latest drop of home goods, which give a fresh, modern interpretation of the interesting and invigorating shade.

Since living coral is an inherently warm shade, it's great for giving a dose of energy and vitality to a space. But to keep it from feeling too in-your-face, Target's newest drop suggests pairing the hue with cooler colors and sleek, geometric silhouettes so the result is cohesive and contemporary. Brighten up your bedroom with the line's new Patchwork Velvet Quilt, $75.99, and a couple coordinating throw pillows. The charming, yet modern quilt combines a deep, nearly rusty shade of coral with a paler pink shade and a complementary cream color. It's unexpectedly chic, and a totally fresh take on the shade that proves it doesn't have to read quite so saccharine.

Bring the color into additional spaces in your home via interesting textures and geometric designs that help the hue feel light and easy. This lightweight cotton gauze throw, $19.99, in a dusty deep coral is ideal for adding a subtle statement to a sofa or armchair, especially when paired with this $18.99 Tufted Square Throw Pillow that pulls the look together with paler coral and white in contrasting textures.

Or add the color to your bathroom to create a spa-like vibe — thanks to its earthy undertones, you'll find that the hue is surprisingly calming. Coral bath towels, $9.49, and a coordinating gradient bathmat, $18.99, offer spring 2019's take on last season's terracotta trend, and feel so versatile they can almost be considered neutral in a space with an otherwise basic color palette.

If you hadn't already considered adding a healthy dose of living coral to your home, it's now time to take the plunge. Target's fresh and modern take on the color trend — not to mention its always-affordable prices — makes it hard to be convinced otherwise. Keep scrolling to shop the best coral pieces from Target's new collection, below.

Patchwork Velvet Quilt Coral - Project 62™



Color-blocked velvet coral makes for a luxe, chic bed that's equally as cozy.

Patchwork Velvet Lumbar Throw Pillow Peach - Project 62™



Color-blocking looks super sleek in modern shades of subdued color and cream.

60"x50" Pieced Cotton Gauze Throw Blanket - Project 62™



Cotton gauze is super lightweight and ideal for spring — especially in this deep shade of dusky coral-pink.

Tufted Square Throw Pillow Coral - Project 62™



Differing textures add tons of interest to a bed or couch — and the splash of coral feels unexpected, but not too overwhelming.

Woven Pattern Bath Towels And Washcloths Dark Peach - Project 62™



Coral feels warm, yet calming, so it's the perfect color to infuse into your bathroom via plush terry towels.

Mesa Bath Rug Dark Peach - Project 62™



Gradient shades of deep coral and peach bring earthy tones into your bathroom, for a spa-like vibe.

Coral Patchwork Velvet Sham™ + Nate Berkus - Project 62™



Patchwork feels modern when made from complementary shades of dark and light coral.

Velvet Texture Oversized Lumbar Pillow Coral - Project 62™



Coral can totally be considered a neutral when it's rendered in this rich, deep velvet.