Zara Home Is Betting Big On This Warm Color Trend For Winter

Zara Home

When you think of winter colors, you're not in the wrong if you logically tend toward cooler tones like gray, white, or blue. Zara Home, however, has different ideas for a major winter 2018 decor trend: Terracotta.

The rich, earthy color brings to mind images of sunbaked clay and summer days, and you wouldn't be alone in feeling that the hue is quite unexpected for the coldest time of year. However, Zara Home's latest slew of home goods rendered in the rich shade make a very valid argument, and just might convince you to give it a go this winter.

When you think about it, Zara Home's actually onto something with this décor color trend. Warm shades like orange, rust, and brown have been popping up all over as It-colors to infuse into your wardrobe for winter, so it makes sense to bring the same colors into your home to heat things up.

Plus, thanks to terracotta's relatively neutral nature (think of it as a slightly more vibrant brown), you can still bring in pops of the cool colors you're used to seeing this time of year.

For a bold effect, try a vivid royal blue accent pillow on your couch alongside Zara Home's terracotta Velvet Throw Pillow Covers $35.90. Further tone down the warmth with a blush pink Furry Blanket, like the $199 offering from Zara Home. The colors, while unexpected to use together, complement each other for a look that's stylish and inviting.


The shade plays equally well with other classic colors you may already have in your home, like ivory, charcoal gray, and metallics, by providing a welcome dose of earthy color. The look is ideal for creating a lively table setting — mix Zara Home's Caramel-Colored Stoneware Dinner Plates, $14.90 each, with cream charger plates for an elegant dinner.

The settings will look well thought out when paired with gold flatware and tonal glassware. Opt for the Geometric Design Wine Glasses, $19.90 each from Zara Home's line to keep the look modern. After the meal, serve tea and coffee in coordinating Caramel Stoneware Mugs, $14.90 to keep the warm color trend going.

Guests won't be the only ones to enjoy the trend in your home — bring the sultry shade into your bedroom as well via Zara Home's Terracotta Sateen Duvet Cover With Piping. The 500-thread count cover, $139 for a queen size, looks and feels so luxurious you'll think you checked into a hip boutique hotel when you slip into bed. Pile the bed high with elevated accent pillows made from sumptuous velvet and faux fur (a great chance to incorporate trendy animal print), and the result is a warm escape from the cold winter outside.

Whether you saw it coming or not, Zara Home is calling terracotta the must-have shade for your home this season. Take this as your cue to create an inviting space for guests — and yourself — and you'll be thankful for a warm respite from the bitterly cold weather outside. Shop a selection of the terracotta décor pieces below, and click over to Zara Home's site for more.