This $30 Duvet Set Will Give Your Bedroom The Ideal Spring Upgrade


It's the time of year when you just want everything to just lighten up a bit — from the weather to your wardrobe. The same can be said for your home space, and feeling a little fresher and brighter probably involves a major clearing of clutter, but it can also mean strategically switching up your decor. A great place to get started? Your bedroom, with some spring bedding ideas that won't just give a breezier look and feel (that's so welcome after winter), but might even help you sleep better, too. And the best part? They also happen to be totally affordable.

Sleep experts have spoken and it turns out that your bedding materials make a big difference in the quality of sleep you're getting, and it's got a lot to do with regulating your body temperature. When it's warmer, swapping from poly blends, wool, and flannel to cotton, percale, or linen can keep you feeling so much cooler, and therefore you'll sleep more soundly.

But besides the fabric, there are a few other ways a change of bedding can make your room feel so much springier. Using colors, patterns, and textures can instantly update the mood as well. Some things, like pastel hues and floral motifs are classics for the season, but if that's not your style you can always just opt for a monochromatic neutral scheme (flax, white, grey). Something about styling your bed this way makes it feel like a luxe hotel — and staycation vibes are a great way to transition to spring.

Whether you're trying a trendy new color or just switching over to more lightweight textiles, giving your bed a spring makeover doesn't have to break the bank. To prove the point, the 10 options ahead will instantly bring you into the new season — for under $100.