Here’s Why You Should Recreate Thandie Newton’s Pink Smoky Eye Immediately

Kimberly White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Recreate Thandie Newton’s Pink Smoky Eye

Bold makeup has made its way into the celebrity sphere as of late, appearing on your social media feeds, within glamorous street-style looks, and of course, on the red carpet. Although access to talented makeup artists and limited-edition beauty products may not be in your near future, it's relatively easy to recreate Thandie Newton's pink smoky eye all on your own. After the actor was photographed sporting rosy lids at the premiere of Dumbo on Mon., it's safe to say that pink eyeshadow is about to have a major moment.

Newton worked with celebrity makeup artist, Georgie Eisdel, to achieve her bold look. Eisdel, whose client roster includes the likes of Sophie Turner, Melissa McCarthy, and Claire Foy, took to Instagram to share an up-close look at Newton's red-carpet glam.

Rather than a single wash of neon, Eisdel used metallic shadows to create a smoky eye that was equal parts adventurous and tasteful. In an effort to make her eyes the focal point of her entire look, Newton donned a nude lip, bronzed cheeks, and pulled her curls into a slicked-back low ponytail with a blunt middle part. She played up the glamour even further with the addition of gold chandelier earrings that paired perfectly with her red velvet dress.

If broadening your makeup horizons is your spring beauty goal, why not begin with a Newton-inspired smoky eye? Ahead, The Zoe Report breaks down everything you'll need.

Step 1

The right preparation is key when it comes to mastering long-lasting, vibrant eye makeup. Make a habit of using eye cream to create the smoothest canvas possible, and, before you start packing on the pigment, you'll want to swipe a silky primer across your lids. Opt for a liquid or cream-based formula if you have dryer lids, or try a paint-pot style primer if your eyes have trouble holding on to color. If you ever forget to throw primer in your makeup bag, foundation or concealer works as a dupe to achieve a similar effect.

Step 2

Now it's time to start adding some color. Pick up a shimmery powder eyeshadow using a fluffy, tapered bush and work it into your crease. Add dimension by diffusing the buildable shade across your lid and slightly above your brow bone, making sure to use a light hand to prevent harsh lines.

Step 3

Here's where the process starts to get seriously fun. Using a flat brush or your finger (the easiest option), dab a cream-based, shiny pink hue along your lids, distributing the most color in the center. Once you've achieved your desired look, use an angled brush to add the same shade along your lower lash line and smoke it out.

Step 4

This step is an optional one, especially if extra sparkle isn't usually your thing. However, if you're taking the route of maximalism, you're going to want to give this technique a try. Layer gel-based sparkles on top of your cream shadow to achieve as much drama as possible. Not sure how to shop for adult-grade glitter? Avoid looking like you're wearing stage makeup by opting for a formula that promises long-lasting wear and contains glitter granules in varying sizes.

Step 5

Upon a closer look at Newton's glam, you may notice her natural-looking, long lashes. The good news? There's no struggling through false lash application required. Simply sweep on your favorite no-clump mascara from root to tip and finish it off by softly brushing your lower lashes for added depth.