This Is How Fashion Girls Wear Blue Eyeshadow In December


At any given 1980s appreciation party, there are quite a few guarantees: Someone will be dressed like Madonna in her "Like A Virgin" video, or in head-to-toe Adidas, à la Run DMC. You'll definitely have a "Take On Me" sing-a-long, and the party will end with a drunken chorus of "Purple Rain." The white zinfandel (by the box) and slippery nipples will be free flowing all night long... and blue eyeshadow will be in abundance. The frostier, the better.

But don't think that the look is only reserved for costume purposes. All over the fashion month runways (like at Rodarte and Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2019) and on your main feed (#blueshadow has more than 23,000 results on Instagram) beauty lovers are revamping the hue, proving that you can wear blue eyeshadow to every single holiday party without evoking the '80s.

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"There's no better way to pay homage to the Dynasty era than to put a millennial twist on blue shadow for holiday fun," editorial makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci tells The Zoe Report. However, the best thing about the five runway-inspired looks below — aside from the fact that several can be recreating using drugstore products — is that they can be worn way beyond December, too. Of course, you've got a few glittery looks (because, obviously), but the smoky lids and graphic liner are perfectly suitable come spring, too, paired with pink gloss or a standout red lipstick.

See the looks and Ciucci's helpful tips ahead.

Smoky Lids And Bold Liner


"Sweep on your smoky lid shadow with a soft tapered blending brush, using a folded tissue as a stencil for the perfect angles," Ciucci says. "For your pop liner at the lashline, use a highly pigment liquid liner and a skinny brush, laying the brush flat against your lashes as you drag for the thinnest flick."



"Apply a thin layer of an adhesive onto your eye with a flat brush and press glitter on top with your fingertip," Ciucci instructs. "Work one eye at a time so the adhesive doesn’t dry too quickly, and remember these adhesives require solvents to remove. But it's worth it when you get long-wearing glitter."

Diffused Liner


"Use a small domed shadow brush to achieve this look," Ciucci instructs. "Start at inner corner and softly sweep out a matte shadow with the tip of the brush. Keep the end rounded instead of sharp."

Metallic Smoky Eye


"Create the smoky effect by working a charcoal shadow in with a soft tapered blending brush, avoiding the inner corners of the eye. Tap concealer or a pale cream shadow onto the inner corners, halfway into the crease and lower lashline," Ciucci says. "With a small stiff brush, press your blue shadow for maximum pop."

Big, Bold Liner


"Use a greasy pencil to draw a rough cat-eye. Then, use a pencil brush to polish and taper the edges," Ciucci says. "With the same brush, tap a bit of shimmer shadow in the center of your eye for sheen."