This $10 Drugstore Mascara Is Sold Once Every 9 Seconds

Courtesy of No7

Always trying to figure out which new makeup products are on track to become cult hits? Smart, since they fly off the shelves as soon as word gets out. But not even American beauty gurus may've heard yet about a mascara making waves over in the UK. According to sales data from the brand, one tube of No7's The Full 360 Mascara is sold every nine seconds.

Lucky for you, the drugstore mascara retails for only $9.99, and it's available on this side of the pond, too. You can order the plain black mascara and the brown-black mascara from Walgreens' website, or snag it on your next trip to your local Target.

"We’ve seen the massive success in the UK with No7 360 Mascara — there’s one sold every nine seconds!" Frédéric Arbel — Executive Director of Marketing from Global Brands Americas — tells TZR over email. "We’re predicating this new formula to become a new holy grail drugstore must-have. This mascara adds volume length and curl with no clumps, working as hard as any prestige competitor at an affordable price."

This isn't the first No7 holy grail mascara; the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara swept across social media, becoming one of the most popular mascaras on Pinterest back in 2017. While Stay Perfect is a tubing mascara (i.e. it creates temporary, tube-shaped falsies), the 360 Mascara relies on "volumizing spheres" that lengthen your lashes when layered on top of each other. Walgreens website notes that it takes two or three coats to achieve truly dramatic lashes — though honestly, if the mascara works as good as its sales data implies, it's well worth it.

Like other great lash-enhancing mascaras, you get the best results from the 360 Mascara when using a specific application technique detailed on the box. First, you should line up the curved mascara wand at your lashes' base with the natural curve of your eyelid. Then simply "wiggle" the mascara as you apply it — and presto, you'll have lashes that look thicker, longer, and curled.

Need one more reason to give this mascara a whirl? Walgreens is running a BOGO 50 percent off sale on No7 makeup products. Try both mascara colors below, or throw in another one of the brand's popular cosmetics.