R+Co's Latest Masque Is Made To Give You Camera-Ready Hair

R+Co's new TELEVISION Perfect Hair Masque will rescue overprocessed, dry winter hair.

If you don't already deal with dryness-prone strands many months out of the year, you can be sure that the current season will do your strands in. Between rough weather conditions that range from dreadful dryness to freezing rain to brutal gusts of wind, and plenty of holiday parties requiring your tresses to be on point, winter means your mane goes through the ringer. And if you're trying to bring it back to life, you need a truly effective treatment to get the job done. That's where R+Co's new TELEVISION Perfect Hair Masque hopes to help out.

Fans of R+Co already know the brand has something for just about everyone — it even recently expanded its offerings to include body care (and a signature scented candle, too) and it's steadily been adding products to address as many hair concerns as possible. Lackluster locks? Snag this shine-inducing smoothing oil. Always short on time? R+Co's all-in-one CENTERPIECE styling spray makes quick work of managing your mane.

Now its popular TELEVISION Perfect Hair collection, which includes a bestselling shampoo and conditioner duo, is getting a new addition in the form of an intensely effective hair masque.

R+Co's new TELEVISION Perfect Hair Masque, $42, essentially maintains the same goal as its companions — to perfect hair by adding body, enhancing shine, and increasing smoothness and strength — but in a supercharged dose for when your strands are begging for extra attention.

The masque is meant for in-shower use (it only needs a few minutes to work its magic) and is formulated with a whole bunch of naturally derived oils and butters that'll restore your strands to their former glory. You'll find coconut oil, pequi oil, olive oil, abyssinnian oil, and murumuru butter working to give hair a glossy, smooth, hydrated look and feel and to prevent tangling and breakage upon styling. Buzzy beauty ingredient snow mushroom extract joins the cast to lock in moisture and protect hair. The result? Hair that's ready for countless family holiday photos.

No doubt a dryness-banishing product is bound to steal the starring role in your hair care routine this season, so stock up by snagging R+Co's new deep treatment below.