Here’s Why R+Co Just Launched Body Care — & What It Means For The Brand’s Future

Courtesy of R+Co
R+Co's new DARK WAVES Body Wash and Lotion with candle

Even though the introduction of R+Co's new DARK WAVES Body Wash and Lotion may surprise fans, the cult-favorite haircare brand has been hovering near the covetable lifestyle space for quite some time. "R+Co has always been about a lifestyle, focused on beauty, hair, and fun. We love experimentation and collaboration," Daniel Langer, president of R+Co, tells The Zoe Report over email. "Since our start, we have been part products, part education, part events, and part music — so a lifestyle component has always been in the mix."

Nevertheless, this October launch is a big one, marking R+Co's official step into the bath and body care world. Then again, according to fans, this was a necessary move. "Our customers were already using the shampoo as a body wash and the conditioner as a leave-in conditioner — that was how much they were obsessed with the scent," Langer adds. "So, we wanted to make it easy to use DARK WAVES fragrance through your entire beauty routine."

Unfamiliar with the fragrance? The DARK WAVES scent is one of R+Co's true fan favorites, having appeared previously throughout the brand's haircare products (and even transforming into a hair-friendly fragrance gel). Like R+Co's other scents, it's incredibly unique, pulling together notes of cardamom, pineapple, and lavender.

Courtesy of R+Co

And thanks to R+Co's latest release, you can enjoy it as the $14 shea butter-infused DARK WAVES Body Wash, $18 vitamin-rich DARK WAVES Lotion, or $45 DARK WAVES Candle — a navy blue 9-ounce candle housed in a dramatic black vessel.

"Now, we are extending to categories that take us out of the shower, but still speak to a person’s beauty regimen and overall enjoyment. We introduced home fragrance with our Fragrance Sprays a few years ago in response to our customers asking for it, and then a Brow Gel and Fragrance Gel to celebrate our heritage and stylists' requests for them," Langer notes. "These new products — Body Wash, Body Lotion and Candle — are a natural extension."

Courtesy of R+Co

So, what will be the next move in R+Co's expansion? Only time will tell — and what fans end up requesting, of course. "We don’t think in terms of categories per se. We think in terms of what would our customers want and enjoy," says Langer. Ahead, all three new pieces from R+Co's latest release.