Here’s How R+Co’s New Smoothing Oil Gives Hair Next-Level Shine


When you spend any amount of time styling your hair, there are several descriptors you'd hope to apply to your tresses — bouncy, soft, healthy, shiny, voluminous, and sleek, to name a few. Dull, on the other hand, doesn't quite make the list — and you'd probably do just about anything to keep frazzled, lackluster locks at bay. And if you're on the search for something to keep your style looking polished and shiny, you're in luck because R+Co’s new TWO-WAY MIRROR Smoothing Oil is aimed at achieving just that. You're about to seriously love what you see see in the mirror.

Cult-loved hair care line R+Co is always coming up with something new to make your styling routine easier (while also making your vanity look much cooler in the process). From specifically formulated shampoos that address just about every hair concern to all-in-one styling products that help you get your look finished in a snap, it's the cool go-to you can count on. And now, it's dropping yet another genius product to transform your 'do into its shiniest, smoothest self, whether you're going for a fresh blown out look or trying to revive a second day style.

The brand-new Two-Way Mirror Smoothing Oil, $32, landed on R+Co's site on Oct. 1, just in time to save your hair from fall's potentially drying conditions and to pack a serious punch of mirror-like shine. It's a super-lightweight oil that melts right into strands to leave them soft, shiny and looking like a just-polished mirror. And no, your hair won't feel greasy after applying — not only does a little go a long way with this oil, but the barely-there ingredients won't add extra weight or a slick residue to strands.

The secret sauce that makes Two-Way Mirror so effective? A combination of naturally derived oils including Bix Orellana Seed Oil and Moringa Seed Oil which sink into your hair to hydrate and soften, vitamin E from tocopherol that provides antioxidant protection against free radicals, and a vegan weightless silicone complex that brings the shine without stealing your hair's bounce. With each use hair is smoother and stronger, and healthy strength equals lots of shine.

As with all of R+Co's products, this new launch is easy to use and effortlessly addresses multiple styling situations. Apply a small amount to your hair from mid-lengths to ends in a downward smoothing motion — on wet hair, it'll ensure a smooth, shiny blow dry, and on dry second-day strands it'll revive your look and make it seem fresh from the salon.

Get gorgeous lustrous locks you'll keep sneaking glances at by shopping R+Co's new shine-inducing hair oil, below.