These Gorgeous Armchairs Once Belonged To Marc Jacobs — But Now They Can Be Yours

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Victoria Stevens for Sotheby's
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You know some of your favorite designers create beautiful clothes, but have you ever stopped to consider what their homes look like? One could only expect that his or her personal space would also be a reflection of their great taste. Well now, because of Marc Jacobs' partnership with Sotheby's Home, not only do fans get a peek at his home decor — they can potentially own one of his carefully curated pieces.

In an interview with Sotheby's, the designer explained that, as he and his husband prepare to move from their townhouse in NYC's West Village to a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Westchester County, he realized they needed to make a few stylistic changes. One of the main challenges? The lack of wall space in the couples' new home. Though Jacobs has been compiling quite an impressive art collection over the past 20 years, he knew it wouldn't all fit. And while he admitted to Sotheby's that he's not exactly a Marie Kondo type, he was also craving the kind of fresh start that comes with a good purge.

Connecting with Sotheby's was the perfect way to not only shed some of his past pieces — including art, furniture, lighting, and other unique decorative items (a lobster-shaped candle holder being one specific standout) — it was was also a way to find them a brand new home where they can be most appreciated.

As you can tell from perusing some of the items up for sale (what's left of them, at least) Jacobs has some pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to his interior decor. From Louis XVI-era chairs to mid-century modern lamps, the Sotheby's Home collection runs the gamut of styles, which means there's a little something for practically everyone. That said, the selection is understandably pretty pricey. But just as is the case when you covet fashions you can't budget for, you can always use these pieces as inspiration if you're considering changing things up in your own place.

So whether you're ready to invest in some impressive decor from the iconic designer's personal collection or you're just looking for something to which you can aspire, some of Jacob's previously loved pieces might just do the trick. Ahead, see a few highlights — and if it's in your budget, get them before they're gone.

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