5 Spring Cleaning Tips That’ll Bring Out The Marie Kondo In You

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No time like the present to clear out the dust and bring a fresh new energy into your space, but there's something specific about the upcoming season that gives everyone a little extra motivation to tidy up. After all, spring is the time for new beginnings, so kicking off this time of year with a clutter-free home might just be the best way to set the tone for things to come. And with a few expert spring cleaning tips, it's not as tough to tackle as you'd expect.

Thanks to the massive popularity of the Marie Kondo method, people everywhere seem to be in the mindset of clearing out what doesn't serve them as a means to feel more functional and less stressed in their space (and in general). This could mean taking on projects such as organizing your closet, kitchen, or desk, or even getting smarter about storage. But regardless of what your particular spring cleaning needs and goals are, you could probably use a little help getting started, which is where task app Handy's Head of Cleaning, Bailey Carson, comes in, well, handy.

If you've been thinking of refreshing your space for spring, but are in need of a little motivation, Carson has a handful of tips that can make this project seem much more manageable. Ahead, find her expert advice for clearing out the clutter without losing your head in the process.

Start Small


"Start with a small project and commit to a top to bottom clean, this could be as simple as just a couple drawers in the kitchen or your medicine cabinet," Carson says. "Starting with an achievable goal will inspire you to keep going as your newly cleaned space sparks joy."

Find Your Favorite

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In addition to kicking things off with a more manageable project, start things off with something that you don't totally hate doing to avoid hitting a wall too soon. "Does vacuuming calm and soothe you? Or does washing dishes in warm, soapy water remind you of a luxurious bubble bath?" Carson asks. "Start with the tasks that you love doing and once you have inertia on your side, keep going with it and tackle the less fun tasks, too."

Build Your Army

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Don't be afraid to call for backup, Carson insists. For some, this might mean hitting up an app like Handy to take on projects that are just beyond what you can handle. For others, you can try rallying the troops. "A deep spring cleaning, including spaces like attics, yards and those other forgotten nooks and crannies, take a team to clean," she says. "Enlist your partners, roommates, or families to help with the chores. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you are doing if you are doing it with people who you enjoy spending time with."

Focus On Generosity

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"For items that are hard to get rid of because at some point you wanted them badly (like that instant pot you had to have yet never used), or they were expensive, consider how they might be better utilized," Carson suggests. "If the item is still in good shape, think about donating, selling online via Craigslist or Poshmark or even 'gifting' to friends. Knowing that someone will end up enjoying your less-loved items makes the decision-making process easier."

Stick To Some Ground Rules


It's easy to get stuck during such a consuming process. When this happens, Carson recommends sticking to a few simple rules. "For example, if you have not worn it in a year, donate it; if it is expired, throw it away; if it doesn't spark joy, let it go," she offers. "These rules will help ease the decision-making process and extend your endurance so you end up with a clean home, not a half-done project."