Lucy Hale Pulled Off 3 Incredible Hairstyles For NYE


Though Jan. 1 is a popular time to make major alterations to your aesthetic ("new year, new me," ring any bells?), kicking off the new year with a style overhaul or a dramatic hair change isn't for everyone. That's where Lucy Hale's New Year's Eve hairstyles come into play. The bonafide hair chameleon welcomed 2019 with not one, but three easy-to-recreate hairstyles. The best part? Not one of them requires a dye job or a haircut.

With the help of her longtime stylist and friend, Kristin Ess, the actor used hair accessories to elevate three distinct looks while celebrating New Year's Eve on Mon. night. Ess and Hale have worked together to create countless eye-catching styles over the past few years, including caramel-colored highlights, a super-choppy bob, and even a rose-gold hue. If there's one thing the 29-year-old loves, it's using her hair as a means of expression.

Whether she's exuding glamour on the red carpet or throwing on a trendy hat while running errands, Hale's hair is a key component to all of her looks. Rather than opting for a single style this NYE, Hale and Ess decided to wow fans and followers with three exciting hair looks. And even though the holiday season has passed, there's no reason why you can't take inspiration from Hale for your next formal occasion. See them all, ahead, along with The Zoe Report's favorite hair accessories to recreate each look.

Bow-Adorned Updo

This sleek addition to Hale's updo may be a childhood favorite, but the way it's styled makes it far from juvenile. Her perfectly twisted coif sat low and tight against the nape of her neck, fastened with a black velvet bow. As seen in the 29-year-old's Instagram post, this is a great way to show off a bold pair of earrings, draw attention to a dress with an open back, or take a simple hairstyle to a more formal level.

Glitzy Headband

Hale's been known to frequent certain hairstyles, especially an undone wavy look or her shoulder-length bob. If you've already mastered beach waves with volume, go a step further by topping it off with a sparkle-infused accessory like a jeweled headband. After you've perfected your waves and set them with a texturizing spray, gently place the glamorous hairpiece at the crown of your head.

Sleek & Pinned

Hale's golden blonde highlights looked more vibrant than ever when she debuted this sleek half-up style. Rather than tying the upper half of her short hair with a simple hair elastic, Hale adorned her top layer with multiple star clips. Perfect for a pop of glitz, tiny clips are simultaneously subtle and exciting.