Lucky Brand Rolled Out Extended Sizing Across All Its Fashions. Here's What We Know

by Danielle Naer
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Courtesy of Lucky Brand
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A new era in inclusive sizing has arrived. Today, Lucky Brand launches extended sizing, which offers all of the brand's besotted creations to all sizes, for the first time. Rather then featuring a modest plus-size assortment of garments, shoppers of all body types will be able to go in and get the look they fell in love with each season. The occasion comes at the perfect time, creating a worthy excuse to shop for some Women's Day-friendly self gifts.

With the attention to detail and craftsmanship that the brand is known for, Lucky Brand's sizing is extending across 230 unique styles — including denim wares, tees, blouses, sweaters, and dresses. Jean sizes will range from 24's to 35's, and fashion items will start at XS and span up to XXL. Pricing will also not vary based on sizing, which is the great body-positive equalizer that we look for in outfitters in 2020.

Ahead of warmer weather, you'll want to take a look at the brand's shorts selection — the "Traveler" has enough length for comfortable wear, and a silhouette that's ultra-chic. There's also a super on-trend shift maxi dress with an emerald watercolor print that is perfect for spring wear. Lucky's graphic tees are guaranteed to pack a punch, with fun artwork and typefaces mixed into each piece. The "Bowie" tee is as nostalgic as it is chic, serving well-tailored cap sleeves in a breathable cotton blend. To help you indulge in the very prominent '80s trend that's sweeping Instagram right now, grab the brand's Surplus jumpsuit in the Mooney Blue colorway for a one-stop outfit option.


Delightfully, all of the pieces included are super affordable. Each garment rarely breaks the $100 threshold, allowing for a full-cart kind of shopping spree. As far as what you can expect to have access to, full size runs are available through Lucky Brand's site right now. Stores will follow suit and carry extended sizing at retail locations worldwide starting in the next few weeks, with all stores carrying it come fall. Until then, shop the launch ahead, and check out the full 230-piece update on its site.

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