Not Into Boiler Suits? This'll Change Your Mind


Creating an outfit from a single item is supposed to make getting dressed easier. But, I often felt like a boiler suit was if anything, oh-so complicated. At 5'9" I could never seem to find one that fit my proportions, instead I'd get stuck yanking the top half over my shoulder blades. Add to that the idea of peeling off an entire ensemble in a restaurant bathroom seemed both awkward and uncomfortable to me. Safe to say, I shied away from anything that bordered on jumpsuit territory. That is, until the fact that the boiler suit became one of 2019's biggest trends. Seeing it on my friends of all heights and body types started to convince me that I may have just been suffering from a streak of bad luck, and that it was possible to find a style that was both trendy and cold fit my torso.

Through my own trial and error I realized that the key when picking out a boiler suit is to keep the suit's shape top of mind when picking one out (especially if you're shopping online). A cropped leg is ideal for those who are more petite, unless you don't mind a cuffed leg. One with a shorter zipper or set of buttons down the front might not be roomy enough for taller women like me. And for those who typically shop for different sizes on top and bottom, an elasticized waist helps to eliminate (or at least minimize) any tricky fit issues.

Eventually, I settled on a contrast-stitch style from Modern Citizen (that is sadly now sold out) because I liked the belted waist, and longer set of buttons along the torso. It also reminded me of a similar, cropped boiler suit from Orseund Iris that fashion insiders have had their eye on over the past few months. Below, see how I — along with a few others in the fashion industry — styled the trend, and shop a few of my favorite designs to help you try the trend too.

A turtleneck worn underneath makes for the ideal look for transitional weather. Roll up the sleeves to let a peek of print or color pop to offer a little extra bit of styling.

Utilitarian details like a front zipper and side cinches are great if you're looking for a sportier take on the trend. This more pared-down take is easy to style with both boots or sneakers.

If you're worried a one-piece look is a little too ho-hum, contrast it with bright accessories, like this red bag and (also trendy) bucket hat.

Pair a boiler suit with heels for an easy day-to-night take on the trend. A small top-handle bag makes for the perfect polished finish.

For a fashion-forward take, leave the top of your boiler suit undone and let a graphic tee or colorful tank peek out from underneath.

Look for styles in heavy-duty denim or rough cotton for a take that is more true to the style's workwear origins. No matter where the day takes you, you'll be comfortable (and you won't be afraid to get a little dirty either).