6 Simple, Stylish Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt

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One of the wisest pieces of style advice you can follow is to invest in great basics, and there's nothing more basic than the humble t-shirt. Give yourself a solid foundation to build outfits on, and you'll rarely run into a dead end. You may rely on a simple boxy Hanes tee or turn to higher-end designers to get your fix, either way one thing is for certain: You can always use new inspo for how to dress up a t-shirt, especially now that summer's almost here. Because temperatures are only going up, a breathable cotton tee is the smartest way to keep sweat at bay. It's not just called an essential for fun — you actually need this piece.

Once you've stocked up on a selection of soft, versatile t-shirts, start planning a handful of key outfit formulas that incorporate said tee in a polished way. Tuck it into a pair of floral pants or layer an interesting crop top over it for a seasonal twist. If you want to stick to basics, feel free to style it with a tailored pair of jeans and strappy sandals that translate to any and all formal events. Ahead, see how fashion influencers are styling their t-shirts right now and shop your favorite ones to get a move on building your own simple summer wardrobe.

Blazer + Statement Pants

If you've been looking for a new way to style your favorite trendy tie-dye tee, consider layering a blazer over it and finishing off the outfit with a pair of silky pants. The ensemble is polished enough to wear to work, but also lets your personality shine through — especially if you add a pair of statement shoes.

White Tee + Floral Pants

A wardrobe full of easy and effortless-looking outfits is key during the summer, which is why this classic t-shirt and floral pants combination is a win. Choose loose-fit pants in a light linen or silk and you'll keep cool even if you find yourself outside in the sun.

Crop + Tee

One of the more imaginative approaches to dressing up a tee is by layering a crop style or corset on top. The third piece adds dimension and works well with everything from blue jeans to midi skirts to slouchy slacks.

Simple Tee + Printed Joggers

Upgrade your weekend errands look with a tee tucked into a pair of printed joggers. You'll feel comfortable enough to go about your day while still feeling put together. If you want to dress up the ensemble, swap out your usual sneakers for a pair of sleek white booties.

Short Suit + Graphic Tee

Once temperatures become too hot for a traditional suit, slip out of the pants and into a pair of tailored shorts. To finish, add a cool graphic tee to show off your personal interests.

Artful Tee + Simple Skirt

Reach for a tee with an artistically inclined graphic and layer it over a simple midi skirt. Go the extra mile and wear the duo with the season's cowboy boots trend and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

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