J.Lo's Favorite Nail Polish Colors Range From Classic To *Very* Bold

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Considering that Jennifer Lopez has been said to don a new manicure every day, it's no surprise that J.Lo's favorite nail polish colors run the gamut. That's not an exaggeration: The Hustlers actor is known to wear both the starkest of whites and the sparkliest glitter with equal frequency, with quite a range in between.

Unsurprisingly, nude is one of her favorites. Lopez is practically synonymous with the neutral lipstick color, so it makes perfect sense that the shade would be a staple in her manicure repertoire as well. However, the 50-year-old isn't afraid of drama, so she frequently alternates the understated shade with more eye-catching options.

Case in point: Her bedazzled nails at the Super Bowl LIV. The star's go-to manicurist Tom Bachik dreamed up not one, but two statement looks in the same night, alternating between Swarovski-covered nails and what Bachik referred to as "Versace Party Nails" (which kind of speaks for itself).

And, of course, she does favor something in between from time to time. When she's not going low-key or all out, Lopez often opts for a bold color that's right on trend, like her most recent lavender shade or her go-to deep red.

But, given the frequency of her manicures, the list doesn't stop there. Keep scrolling to see 12 of her favorite manicure looks — and a few shades to help you recreate them.

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