Organizing Your Pantry Won't Feel Like A Chore With This Genius Tip

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Cleaning and organizing aren't typically at the top of people's favorite-things-to-do lists — nevertheless, they must be done from time to time. And if you're in the majority that just wants to get it over with, it's worth noting that these types of projects don't have to be so painful, particularly with tips from the pros. Take how to organize your pantry for example: Getting this forgotten kitchen area (no matter the size) neat, tidy, and totally efficient isn't just satisfying, it's actually pretty simple with a few expert-approved tactics in mind.

Given that you've probably been spending a lot more time at home lately, it's a good opportunity to tackle those projects that forever seem to evade you — even if only because they seem too monotonous, too time consuming, or too costly to do on your own. Thankfully, whipping your kitchen pantry into something Kim Kardashian-West herself would envy (minus the fro-yo machine and restaurant-quality fridge, of course) doesn't have to be any of those things. In fact, Amy Vance, founder of Houston's Eco Modern Concierge — which tackles home organizational projects among other tasks — can offer you a handful of solutions that will have you checking this chore off your list in no time without shelling out much (if any) money to do so.

Got a free afternoon and looking for something productive to do? Read ahead for Vance's six most foolproof tips for getting your pantry to look great and function even better.

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Go Vertical

Think of your pantry like your closet, and organize it according to what you use most or least. For example, items that aren't in heavy rotation can be stashed up high, or in more out of reach places where they won't take up as valuable real estate, says Vance.

Get On Your (Eye) Level

Going along with that idea, store things that you get a lot of message in your line of sight. "Things that you reach for the most need to be at eye level so they are easily accessible and you can see when you need to replace those commonly used items," Vance explains.

Ditch The Boxes

Vance suggests beautifying as well as tidying your open shelves by taking snacks and dry goods out of their boxes and relocating them to clear containers.

Utilize Hidden Spaces

Double the storage in super small spaces by using hangers on the backs of doors. "If you are running low on space in your pantry [...] install an over-the-door hanging system, use command hooks to hang items like aprons, and use folders or a calendar to keep track of recipes and meal plans," suggests Vance.

Use Bins & Baskets

"Utilize bins and baskets to group like items together," says Vance. "This helps maintain an organized and cohesive pantry where items are easy to find."

Label It All

Keeping everything labeled is one small step that actually makes a huge difference, Vance explains. Not only can it help you find what you're looking for faster, but it can come in handy when you're taking inventory for your grocery shopping list.

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