This Is The Color Replacing Slime Green This Fall


If rules once constituted you give up bright colors once summer came to an end, those expectations aren't so hard and fast anymore. The fashion industry continues to evolve quickly, particularly given social media’s gift of endless (and season-less) style inspiration. Last year, slime green was a color that held its appeal through every single season, but this year there's a new hue on the horizon. Emerald green is fall 2020's must-try color and trendsetters are finding ways to wear it both with neutral staples standard of the season and contrasted with other fun, poppy colors.

"Emerald or rich hues of green have been the dominating shade within fashion," Libby Page, Senior Market Fashion Editor at Net-A-Porter tells The Zoe Report. "It feels incredibly luxurious and fashion forward.” If you recall, various shades of green have been the reigning color in fashion in recent years. Page notes the lime green takeover spearheaded by brands such as Gucci and Staud between spring 2018 and 2019, which evolved into a heavy display of olive and army green during fall 2019. “We’ve now come full circle … back to that luxurious attitude we all know and love.”

On the fall 2020 runways, Prada reintroduced the season’s trendy hue with a heavy focus on accessories, pairing ribbed emerald tights and multicolored loafers with otherwise neutral ensembles, while Lacoste paired the color with everything from pink, to blue, to orange. Additionally, Christopher John Rogers’ most recent collection made a case for just how extravagant and over-the-top green can be (remember Lady Gaga’s recent VMAs look?).

Trend and color experts are behind emerald for the upcoming season, as well. “In this digital-first world, green's success lies in its ability to stand out on Instagram grids, boldly popping amongst a sea of minimalist neutral tones, and social media users are harnessing the power of these zingy hues to improve their online prowess,” Polly Walters, Senior Strategist of The Feed at WGSN tells The Zoe Report, adding that green's staying power also signals the growing importance of a trans-seasonal approach to color palettes.

Right on beat with Walters’ observation, emerald is the color already beginning to take over Instagram feeds in the form of go-to chunky sweaters all the way over to stand-out prints, such as gingham and snake print. Whether you plan to slowly inch into emerald with a pop of color through your handbag, or you’re ready to dive in with a nearly monochromatic look, ahead find 10 ways to wear the latest update to the green color trend.

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How To Wear Emerald Green: Matching Sets Never Fail

Few things are easier to whip out for an impromptu outing than a matching two-piece set. With emerald, pairing a black and white pattern underneath an open top creates a fun, stand-out effect.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Choose Statement Outerwear

You can't go wrong with a slick leather coat. But, instead of traditional black, try a green hue that will pop against the season's more subdued staple shades. Animal print or a subtle stripe pair well with this bold choice.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Classic Button Up Cardi

While we fully advocate for stocking up on classic, neutral cardigans as well for the sake of a timeless wardrobe, there's no denying the epic combination of a bright green cardi and printed pants.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Your Favorite Chunky Turtleneck

Romantic tops and novelty knits are bound to be the season's most endeared trends. Try a statement ruffle top all alone, or hop on the grandpa vest trend to layer over a style in a contrasting color.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Off-Duty Sweats

Color trends make it especially easy to remain on trend, even on a casual day. Consider an emerald update to your typical gray sweatshirt.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Go For Green Pants

On the flip side, as the world shifts to a semi-normal, some are thinking less and less of sweats (it was fun — and comfy — while it lasted). If you're itching to update your non-lounge wardrobe, emerald is the color that's bold enough to make a statement, while still meshing with any occasion.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Add A Statement Handbag

A pop of color via your handbag is the styling trick that stands the test of time. Pro tip: Gold hardware is the secret ingredient to amplifying an already rich, green hue.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Colorblock With A Bright Color

Colorblocking may be an intimidating technique to some, but it's fully worth a shot (and actually simple!), especially when emerald pairs so well with other stand-out shades (think cobalt blue, hot pink, and bright orange).

How To Wear Emerald Green: Double Up With A Lighter Shade

Maybe you prefer a slightly more subdued look, or maybe you're just not ready to give up last fall's love of pistachio. Either way, mixing two shades of green on top with neutral-colored bottoms is the quickest way to get the best of both worlds.

How To Wear Emerald Green: A Cozy Wrap

Sometimes you'll just want to cozy up in your favorite color of the season. And while you're stocking up on knits, you can't forget an extra, extra long cardigan.

How To Wear Emerald Green: Pop On Top

If head-to-toe bright hues aren't for you, consider styling a green top with some of the more subdued colors in your closet. A buttery yellow or blush are both easy for styling, especially when you're combining pieces with a tailored, elevated feel.