How I Built A Timeless Wardrobe In 4 Simple Steps

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As we remain amid a public health pandemic that has now spanned nearly five months, admittedly, musing over what clothes I have, or don’t have, in my closet feels to be of little importance. But, we’re all especially deserving of a little self-care nowadays, and lately, I've found calmness in deep cleaning my closet and learning how to build a timeless wardrobe.

Even fashion writers are guilty of looking at a perfectly fine closet and feeling as though they have “nothing to wear.” I happen to be the poster child. Historically, I’ve gravitated to what I call “easy wears,” (items you can easily throw on that will create a full look on their own) — dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits. Not only this, I’m often attracted to an array of prints and colors which don’t offer the most versatility or mix-and-match potential. Thanks to Instagram (specifically minimalist-yet-trendy influencers such as Charlotte Emily Sanders, Amy Lefevre, and Josefine H. J.), in recent months, my gears have since switched to creating an intentional, timeless wardrobe by collecting pieces I can better mix and match.

The arrival of fall and a new set of trends poses the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your wardrobe and incorporate seasonless pieces that you can take through fall with ease by layering, and then strip back down for next spring. In addition to a wardrobe I can mix and match for days, one of my favorite things about classic dressing is that a clean, tailored outfit feels high-end, even if you're on a budget. Ahead, find a few of my own tips to help shift your wardrobe from a capsule of one-offs to a selection of timeless pieces you can get wear out of this season, next season, and years to come.

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Tips For A Timeless Wardrobe: Tops You Can Mix & Match

For me, a major factor in curating a wardrobe of staples is to avoid items that lean on being too trendy, or are simply colors and patterns I won’t get much wear out of. (Believe me, this isn’t always easy — I’m two seconds away from giving in to the temptation of these psychedelic print Fenty leggings.) Too often, I’ve found myself needing, say, a simple everyday white top and not having it — though I manage to have 20 styles in colors I don't need.

Investing in essential items in shades that can be mixed and matched regardless of the season is the easiest way to make a wardrobe stretch for miles, even if you don’t have a large selection. Going back to the basics doesn’t have to mean sucking the fun out of getting dressed. Consider adding standout elements such as broad shoulders and fresh fabrics takes (I’m most loving the wide range of leather pieces right now).

Tips For A Timeless Wardrobe: Classic Bottoms

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Much of my desire for a wardrobe rebrand, if you will, can be attributed to me opening my eyes to an often overlooked key ingredient — a good rotation of non-denim pants. I prefer high-waisted cuts that elongate my legs, and can make a cropped-top look feel a bit dressier. Lately, I'm drawn to a '90s-inspired straight-leg silhouette. Sticking with leather, linen, or wool in a neutral or earth tone color palette here creates room for diversification through unique silhouettes.

Tips For A Timeless Wardrobe: Go-To Shoes

Building a repertoire of timeless shoes is something I had a head start in, as black and neutral styles pair well with everything — and my closet is full of them. Vary your heel heights and keep an eye out for shoes that could be ideal for more than one type of occasion. I don’t go for a ton of what I call “dinner heels” — styles that are so uncomfortable, I only wear them for occasions which are almost entirely seated, such as dinner. Mules are comfy and pair well with anything from a dress to denim, and I don't know about you, but I'm a booties year 'round kind of girl if the shoe fits.

Tips For A Timeless Wardrobe: Versatile Accessories

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When it comes to timeless dressing and creating a classic look, accessories can play a huge role in elevating your look instantly. A personal favorite jewelry trend of mine — and I’ll stand by this forever — is gold, on gold... on gold. Another buzzing trend, pearl adornments, are back in a fun youthful way, lending themselves to modern styling.

Similarly, the last few years have introduced classic bag styles with a modern twist Bottega Veneta’s Pouch bag and Padded Cassette, Staud's Moon Bag, and Telfar's fan-favorite shopping bag all included. And while I can’t deny wanting to go in on something fun (I recently welcomed a Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag to my small, but loved handbag collection), I do remain conscious about obtaining colors I can grab on the go. Similar to varying shoe heel sizes, consider diversifying your handbags between totes, cross-bodies, and clutches, so as to create a go-to for any particular occasion.