The Top Nail Trends On Pinterest Right Now Are Actually So Easy To Recreate

Double French manicures are the nail polish trend taking over Pinterest, along with black and white ...

Take a look at the current state of your nails. If your gels are officially beyond repair and you’re in need of a fresh coat of nail polish, now is a better time than any to investigate what people are currently obsessing over and teach yourself a fresh new look while sheltering-in-place. One trend that’s exploded in popularity on Pinterest? Double French manicures — a uniquely mod take on the classic that’s not too challenging to paint. But, if you prefer more color on your nails, rainbow ombré and dark shades of green have also been stealing the spotlight. Stickers and minimalist colors have found a place, too, so there really is something for everyone who’s now DIYing their manis.

According to data that Pinterest shared with The Zoe Report, searches for "Diy manicure at home tutorials" were up by 159 percent between March 9 and March 22 (as compared to the two weeks before). With salons off the table, any DIY skills you have will come in handy in when joining the growing club of manicure amateurs who are tuning in to their own nail skills for maintaining a perfect set. And luckily, the new trends that are popping up don’t require years of beauty school or any super artistic abilities either — a bottle of nail polish and a few accessories is all it takes.

Ahead, take a look at the five nail trends people are currently loving on Pinterest, plus a few products that will keep you in the loop and help you get your nails back into shape.

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Double French Manicure

The first manicure to add to your must-try list is the double French manicure. It kicks the original up a notch in the most sophisticated way. On top of lining the tips of your nail, you trace the bottom of your nail bed too. Many nail artists opt for making the look off-center for added interest, as seen on Betina Goldstein’s Instagram. This is also an ode to the minimalist nail art trend that has recently gained more popularity.

Dark Green Nails

One of fall’s favorite colors has migrated to spring. This dramatically chic forest green shade is a bold choice, but a touch less daring than an all-black manicure. For monochrome manis, it's harder to hide chips, so be sure to add a base and top coat to keep it flawless for longer.

Multicolored Pastel

Spring and summer sans pastels will never be a reality. These candy-colored hues always show face this time of year, but to switch things up, they're being used in an ombré rainbow fashion. If you're feeling less than chipper right now, a version of this manicure might help boost your mood.

Nail Stickers

Stunning nails don't get easier than this. After a brush or two of your favorite color, add on fun stickers to really personalize your manicure. They're fresh, clean, and you get to avoid trying to draw flowers and stars freehand.

Black And White Nail Art

The two most classic colors always find their way back to each other in a stylish manner (see: the 2020 Oscars red carpet). When working with these colors at home, black and white nails can be interpreted any way you like, whether that's in the form of polka dots, like above, abstract shapes, or color-blocked sections.