Try This Designer-Approved Tip To Change Up Your Christmas Tree Decor

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In the spirit of celebrating the holidays a little differently this year (a phrase you've probably already heard about 1,000 times in the past month), what better time than the present to reconsider your usual tree decor? Of course there's something inherently comforting about sticking to certain traditions — including your decorations — but if you're looking to shake things up, a few expert-approved Christmas tree styling tips might just inspire your chicest version yet, without it feeling one ounce less festive.

As is the case with any type of interior decor, there are so many stylistic routes to take, and so many sources from which to seek out these styles. For example, perhaps vintage photos can feed you with looks from the past that you can make wholly new. Or you might also check out what the celebrities are doing in their homes this holiday season. But because interior designers have to to stay on top of the trends by trade, they've got a ton of ideas you could try to give your tree a whole new decor approach this year, whether it be in theme, color scheme, or even form (a Christmas cacti anyone?).

That said, The Zoe Report reached out to a few in-demand designers to get their takes on the freshest ways to revamp your holiday decor this year — starting with the tree. Read ahead for five of their expert tips that could give you a whole new way to celebrate this year and make the season just a little bit brighter.

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Chic Christmas Tree Styling Tips: Embrace Nostalgia

"My favorite unique Christmas tree theme is 'colorful vintage'," says Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design. "I love to use white lights to set the stage and then decorate the tree with colorful vintage ornaments that I've collected over the years. This idea was inspired by some vintage ornaments that my grandmother passed down to me from the '50s. They feel appropriately nostalgic for the holiday season! I fell in love with them as a child and have been collecting them ever since!"

And if you don't have your own heirloom ornaments to deck your tree with, Piotrowski suggests trying Etsy or antique shops for some authentic vintage options. And contemporary decor retailers like West Elm and Pottery Barn sell new versions that were inspired by designs from the past.

Chic Christmas Tree Styling Tips: Stick To An (Out-Of-The-Box) Monochromic Palette

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A monochromatic palette in general is an easy way to make anything — including your tree — feel more intentional and pulled together. Of course it's luxe to go all-metallic to stick to the traditional holiday colors of red, green, or white (flocking included, of course), but for something a little different, why not go all the way out-of-the-box with a shade like pink? An artificial pink tree has that '50s/'60s feel, and you can stick with rosy hues when picking out your ornaments, tinsel, lights, and other decorative accents for a fresh and cohesive look.

Chic Christmas Tree Styling Tips: Go Au Naturale

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Another unique way to take a monochromatic approach? Try all natural tones and materials for your tree decor. "Natural wood elements create a stunning display; add in natural wood ornaments and/or a natural wood tree topper," suggests Stephanie Lindsey at Etch Design Group.

Chic Christmas Tree Styling Tips: Try A Totally Different Tree

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"For those who don't have the space to accommodate a tree, taking one of your favorite plants and topping it off with some lights and a star is a fun and unique alternative," says Kathy Kuo of Kathy Kuo Home. "A succulent 'Christmas tree' can be added to any room of the house without overwhelming it but still adding a Christmas tree effect."

If your plant isn't as sturdy as a traditional tree, follow Lindsey's advice and tiny LED twinkle string lights and ribbon or ball garland that won't weigh it down too much.

Chic Christmas Tree Styling Tips: Add Some Florals

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"We love adding fresh florals to our traditional tree," says Mark Lavender of M. Lavender Interiors. "We draw on our Southern roots and include magnolia leaves and then enhance that with baby’s breath to give the appearance of snow lightly resting on the tree boughs." And Kuo loves adding "pastoral" touches by using winterberry branches and eucalyptus sprigs for a "warm woodsy" feeling. Want that effect but with more lasting power? Go faux or try dried florals and greenery instead of fresh.

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