This Key Benefit Explains Why Everyone Is Drinking Celery Juice Right Now

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If you're following a ton of wellness accounts, you can probably not even browse your Instagram feed without being inundated with images and testimonials of one of the latest and most popular health crazes. Celery juice literally seems to be everywhere these days, and though you see a slew of people tossing back a glass in the morning, you might still not be totally sure exactly why they're doing it. But as it turns out, they're onto something. With the plethora of celery juice benefits for your body — both inside and out — it's no wonder this morning beverage is abuzz.

You may have already tried adding a stalk or two of celery into your go-to green smoothie, or noticed its presence in the detox juice you pick up from your favorite spot when you need a little recharge, but starting your day with a glass of the pure, freshly pressed goodness from the veggie is one of the biggest wellness trends of late. In fact, it's become a coffee alternative for those who are trying to kick their caffeine habit. But while celery juice won't exactly give you the same kind of instant energy you get from your daily cup of joe, it has a whole host of health benefits that will make it totally worth the swap (or just keep them both because, balance).

All that said, if you've thus far been skeptical to try out this health trend, you're not alone. Not everyone is a fan of this veggie's flavor, so drinking it straight up might not seem like your ideal start to the day. "Celery is not a vegetable that most people think or talk about," says Tamara Alexandra Rausch, a nutritionist and Product Manager Europe for wellness brand Lycored. "Juicing it makes for a tasty and refreshing way to consume it."

Still not convinced? While some argue the benefits of drinking the pure juice on an empty stomach, Rausch admits that you'll still get plenty of benefits if you have to tweak your concoction to your liking. "Experiment with taste profiles and add both the stalk and the leaves, you can even add in a little fresh lime and tomato juice to make a Virgin Mary," she suggests. "The lime adds vitamin C and tomato lycopene and beta carotene, all of which help bring you glowing skin and make us feel good from the inside out."

Speaking of the benefits, you may still be wondering what all the fuss is about and whether or not celery juice is something worth trying out. Ahead, find four major reasons it just might make you feel like you lightest, brightest, and best self, ever.

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Gut Health

"Celery is great for gut health for its anti-inflammatory properties, plus it is very fibrous, which brings roughage to your gut," Rausch explains. "Because of this, it helps keep you regular and feel less bloated — and who doesn’t want that?" Additionally, she points out that the anti-inflammatory properties may help rid you of unwanted gut bacteria and because of its highly alkaline nature, celery juice can help your body balance acidity levels.


"Celery contains good amounts of carotenoid pigments, which can help achieve our most vibrant glowing completion," the nutritionist states. "Carotenoids give the skin a natural healthy glow and celery also includes vitamins A and C which can offer protection against free radicals and help skin stay younger-looking longer."


Because the vegetable is 95 percent water, drinking celery's juice can also help you stay super hydrated. Not only is this moisture great for getting you a healthy, plump complexion, but it will help keep your insides functioning better as well.

Post-Workout Recovery

Forget buying artificially flavored post-workout drinks. Turns out, celery juice might be a natural way to recover from a good sweat session. "Try including celery juice to your day after a workout for a pick-me-up," Rausch suggests. "It is full of amino acids which are precursors for creating neurotransmitters and can also help put back the electrolytes and potassium lost during a vigorous workout."