This DIY Detox Juice Will Help Keep You Healthy Through The Holidays

‘Tis the season for overindulging, and while we certainly support getting into the festive spirit, we also understand some semblance of balance is key to getting through the holidays looking and feeling great. To supplement all that eggnog and pie, the occasional juice can be a welcome shake-up to reset your system and prevent digestion from getting totally out of whack. We visited our friends at L.A. Juice in West Hollywood to share a bit about the process—you need to see the crazy machine they use to cold-press their ingredients—why adding juice to your diet is important and how to create your own detox tonic at home. Cheers to a happy (and healthy-ish) December!

DIY Detox Tonic (similar to L.A. Juice’s Canyon Flush) 2 green apples Burdock (1 stick) 1 lemon Fresh ginger (adjust amount to your taste preferences) Fresh turmeric (adjust amount to your taste preferences) Pinch of cayenne

Add ingredients one at a time to an at-home juicer (like Breville used above). Amend recipe as you go to suit your palette. Drink and enjoy!