8 Coffee Alternatives For Those Trying To Quit Cold Turkey — But Still Need The Energy

Silvia Olsen/Shutterstock

For so many, mornings just wouldn't be the same without a daily cup of coffee. While some rely on the stuff to get the energy they need to kickstart a productive day, others simply love the habit that comes with a steamy, comforting mug of joe (or a mid-afternoon iced version, for that matter). But the coffee clutch life isn't for everyone. Thankfully, these days, there are plenty of easy-to-find coffee alternatives that are great whether you're trying to quit cold turkey, or never loved java to begin with — and they may still give you the surge of energy you're seeking.

You could try a detox if your reason for giving up coffee is to totally clean out your system, but if you're just looking for something that still gives you the energy boost that rivals your favorite workout, subbing in a different morning ritual might just do the trick. It should be noted, however, that coffee isn't necessarily unhealthy on its own. "Coffee gets a bad rep, but the thing is it isn't actually bad for you," celebrity personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach Amy Rosoff Davis explains. "One or two cups is actually beneficial to your health. It can help with everything from diabetes, stroke and cognitive issues, and can fight against inflammation and chronic disease."

But even though coffee isn't always your enemy, you may have your reasons to cut it out ASAP, like trying to avoid a caffeine crash in general, or suffering from a sensitive stomach. No matter what's causing you to seek out a new, go-to morning habit, it's good to know you've got options that will make you feel like you're not missing out. Specifically, the eight alternatives ahead might just help you kick your habit for good.

Black Tea

This one is probably the simplest and most seamless switch for diehard coffee drinkers. It still has caffeine, but tea can offer different benefits for your body. "My favorite thing about tea is that has a wonderful effect on your system," explains Rosoff Davis. "It simultaneously stimulates and calms you at the same time." And black tea is also great for coffee drinkers who love a little cream and sugar — since it works well with those flavors as well. "I put a little grass-fed milk (or, if I am going non-diary, I'll add Ripple milk) and I also treat myself to a little honey or maple syrup and sometimes a hit of cinnamon, which also has a ton of health benefits)," says the PG Tips fan.

Yerba Mate

Not only is this popular South American tea packed with antioxidants and nutrients, but it's also stimulating without giving you that coffee crash. As Rosoff Davis, who loves sipping this drink, explains, "It lowers blood sugar, boosts your immune system, packs a powerful energy punch and mental clarity."

Celery Juice

"Celery juice could be a great option for those wanting to kick coffee," says Rosoff Davis of this major wellness craze. "Though not proven yet, the claimed benefits of starting your day with celery juice include removing toxins from your liver, breaking down fats, boosting your immune system, and helping restore the central nervous system." It's also said to be highly anti inflammatory and great for cardiovascular health, which means it should improve energy and banish sluggishness over time.


While it still boasts caffeine, this type of green tea is said to help fight cancer and heart disease, Rosoff Davis explains. It can also be mixed into a frothy latte for those who are missing their daily coffee shop fix.

Golden Milk

Practically every trendy cafe has started started offering this turmeric-packed beverage drink as a great alternative to coffee, since it's creamy and comforting like a cup of coffee, but without the caffeine and with the addition of powerfully inflammation-fighting properties.

Dandelion Coffee

You can get pretty darn close to the taste of coffee (if that's what you're looking for) with this roasted dandelion root beverage. It's free of caffeine, mimics the real deal in looks and flavor, and contains antioxidants that can stimulate circulation, thus giving you an instant energy boost.


This type of adaptogenic mushroom is known to offer long-lasting, crash-free energy. In its plain form, it also tastes and behaves a bit like coffee (meaning it's great to drink with a splash of something creamy), but you can also try it as an elixir spiked with other health-boosting ingredients.

Rhodiola Supplement

You don't even need something to sip to get the increase in energy that caffeine typically gives you. If you're game for a supplement instead, try using rhodiola, another adaptogen that can help you adapt to stress and environmental factors, while helping with memory and focus — without the jitters.