This Iconic Chanel Bag Is Taking Off, According To Rebag Report

by Danielle Naer
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Going into the pandemic, the future of the luxury market (like most things) remained fairly uncertain. With stores shuttered and thousands out of jobs, the question loomed: How will fashion houses, especially those who've resisted e-commerce in favor of IRL shopping experiences, retain their business? To the surprise of many, several It-bags came out of the pandemic unscathed, still raking in the very same resale values as before the pandemic. Beyond that, some even emerged more profitable than ever, breaking even with their initial retail price. Chief among them all? Chanel's "Double Flap" Bag, which (for this reason) is harder-to-get than ever before.

According to Clair Report, an all-new resource from Rebag that illustrates shifts in the luxury resale market, Chanel's classic double-flap bag leapt from approximately $4,900 to $5,800 (the bag's present retail price) in just six months. While Hermès bags are generally considered the best investment (on average, holding 80% of its original value), Chanel's double-flap eclipsed it, currently averaging at 100% of its original value — and not budging. The brand also saw a 67% boost in searches in September 2020 alone, according to Lyst — during which time the bag in particular gleaned a whopping 2,000 page views.


While now might be a tricky time to buy in, it's also a rewarding one. With thousands eyeing the bag at all times, it's certainly difficult to find one for a steal — but once you do, you're guaranteed to receive the same return if you ever choose to part with it. Since a level of hawking is necessary to buy the vintage bag secondhand, here's a few no-fail steps to get started:

  • First, make sure you're subscribed to Lyst's deal-tracking feature, — simply input your email address to ensure you're keeping abreast of the latest updates on your bag of choice.
  • Through Rebag, you can now “follow” Clair Codes (which can be found on the bottom-right of any product page), allowing you to see updates on price changes in real time, so that you can make a quick decision to buy in once prices drop, or sell if they rise.
  • Through Vestiaire Collective, you can create alerts for different brand categories. Take, for example, Chanel's "Timeless/Classique bags," which subscribes you to updates on all double flap bags (different sizes and hardware tones included) in one fell swoop. Or, if you're eyeing one in particular, click "follow price reductions" for live updates.

Overall, the net-net is that this officially confirms what many sensed was true: The double-flap's enduring appeal is impervious to changing trends and circumstances, making it the smartest investment bag on the market in 2020.

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