9 Coffee Table Book Gifts That Double As Beautiful Decor


It's getting close to crunch time for your holiday gift shopping, and admittedly, not everyone is enthusiastic about such a task. You've probably got a person or two on your list who's notoriously tough to shop for — whether it's because they're always buying themselves everything they need or want, or because you only know a few things about them (as is often the case with Secret Santa situations). But even in those circumstances there's one go-to idea that does the trick when you don't know what else to get: Cool coffee table book gifts.

One of the best things about these books as gifts is that they're two-for-one: They're informative as well as attractive. In fact, because a coffee table book tends to lean more on the side of art than literature, they're even great for the less-than-avid readers. And interior experts will tell you that how decorate your coffee table can make a huge difference in your space — so such a gift can actually make a major impact.

The other good news is, there's probably a beautifully photographed/designed coffee table book for everyone on your list — so long as you know as least a few basic things about them. Shopping for a travel enthusiast? Perhaps a text filled with images from the most exotic locations or the coziest cabins all over the world would give them all the inspiration they need until their next vacation. Or if you are still looking for someone who's working on their own urban jungle, seek out a book that gives tips on plant care and styling — plus some seriously lush photos. There are even culinary options for the foodie in your life. For these and even more coffee table book ideas, see ahead.

This design-focused book is filled with color facts, so it's just as great for reading as it is decorating your table — which it does beautifully.

As the title indicates, this book includes 80 pictures or animals in various states of dress and a range of adorable poses. What more does the animal lover on your list need?

Learn how to create your own urban jungle with tips from stylist Hilton Carter. In addition to info on styling with and caring for greenery, readers will also get a peek into his personal plant-filled space and more inspiring imagery.

Despite the cheeky title, this book of photos by of-the-moment photographer Adam Katz Sinding does in fact include some candid shots of street style, as well as insider looks backstage, and shots of supermodels and other style icons. A must for the fashion-lover on your list.

A follow-up to his previous book focused on the exteriors of the most stunning cabins, Zach Klein recently released this book that shows lovingly captured details of their cozy interiors.

This book of photos by Esther Choi is the perfect marriage of food and design, with edible recreations of well known art pieces.

For his first ever text, Los Angeles-based creative director and photographer Jimmy Marble created this colorful, fashionable, and California-inspired collection of images.

Florist Fleur McHargloom's beautiful bloom-filled book is surefire bet for floral enthusiasts.

Finally, a coffee table book for the most passionate book lovers.