7 Subtle Nail Trends To Try In August

by Jessica DeFino

Admit it: August is just a weird month for fashion. The weather may say summer — the sun is practically begging you to call out of work and take a beach day — but the energy is all autumn. Stores are rolling out the Fall/Winter 2019 collections, and the urge to update your wardrobe with suede booties and jewel-toned sweaters has taken over. August 2019 nail trends are feeling this pull, too: Some, like fruit-shaped art and bright pops of color, are holding onto summer for dear life. Others, like pumpkin tones and neutral shimmer, are charging head-first into fall.

Needless to say, figuring out your August vibe can be confusing — but when it comes to nailing a seasonally-appropriate manicure, the pros say you really can’t go wrong. Still feeling summer-y? Try a crystal-inspired mani, suggests Mazz Hanna, a celebrity manicurist who works with Julia Roberts and Constance Wu. “Both opal and amethyst are excellent stones for connecting with the earth, which makes sense for the month of August when everyone is trying to savor the last of summer,” she tells The Zoe Report. If you’re in more of a pre-fall mood, look no further than the latest nail art creation from Paintbox: “Low-Key Glitter,” a base coat of beige topped with subtle shimmer. “It’s a high-low mix to get you from the laid-back vibes of summer into fall,” Eleanor Langston, the Chief Creative Officer at Paintbox, tells TZR.

Ahead, nine eclectic nail trends to try for August — no matter what side of the seasonal divide you’re on.

Disco-Inspired Teal


“All shades of teal and blue are a great wear for ending the summer, when the weather is steamy and the nightlife awaits,” Jackie Saulsbery, a celebrity nail artist who works with Adele and Queen Latifah, tells The Zoe Report. Her favorite: Gabriel Cosmetics shade 1977, from its Disco Mood collection — a nod to the ‘70s trend that’s still going strong (out Aug. 8).

Concentric Circles


Make like influencer @gelcream and decorate your digits with chic concentric circles. Extra points for executing the look with not-so-neutral neutrals.

Amethyst Nails


“This August, expect to see lots of mystical-inspired manis, specifically amethyst and opal nails,” Hanna says. The abstract, marbled art isn’t as complicated as it looks. “The great thing about these designs is that they can be easily achieved at home,” the manicurist shares. “It’s all about building texture and blending. Adding a bit of shimmer and glitter at the end and sealing with a topcoat are important final steps that make all the difference.”

Subtle Shimmer


“For August, we’re really into mixing glitters with sand and beige tones,” Langston says. “We’re launching an in-studio menu Aug. 1 called Low-Key Glitter.” Base shades of sand, latte, caramel, and cream are topped with “soft glitter shades” (think: champagne, lilac, and pink). “It’s a beautiful sparkly effect that’s subtle,” she elaborates. “It’s like a new accessory for your fingertips and looks as luminous as jewelry.”

Matte Finish

KB Shimmer

"I also noticed that matte is so in now, too — meaning no shine," Saulsbery says. "It’s very trendy because it dries quick and wears well on nails and toes." It's also super easy: Just swipe a matte top coat on top of your go-to polish.

Reverse Half Moon Mani


Another trend that can swing either way, seasonally-speaking? The reverse half-moon French. “You can rock it with any color of your choice,” Saulsbery says. Rainbow iterations have taken over IG, but autumn-inspired shades work well, too.

Pumpkin Tones


Judging by my Instagram explore page, summer's neon orange polish is slowly turning into an earth-toned pumpkin — the perfect accessory for grabbing a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte to go.

Late Summer Fruits

Olive & June

“Yellow, peach, and pink fruits are all the rage right now,” Kesang Gurung, a nail technician for Chillhouse in New York City, tells TZR of the salon's Ketel One Botanical collaboration. “The oval shape is a big hit as well, and looks great with fruit designs.” Add a lemon or watermelon design to your digits to keep the spirit of summer alive.

Luxury Logos


Get ahead of Fashion Week — it starts Sept. 5 — with a chic logo manicure. Editorial nail artist Betina Goldstein recently showed off a design featuring Chanel’s interlocking Cs that’s simple enough to DIY.