This Easy-To-Wear Hair Accessory Trend Is Currently Taking Over Etsy

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Three major spring 2020 hair accessory trends, according to Etsy.

Is there any step in your beauty routine more satisfying than tossing your hair up, adding a polished hair accessory (or three), and calling it a day? According to the spring 2020 hair accessory trends dominating Etsy, the answer is no. Data gathered by the popular online marketplace shows that this season is all about pins, clips, and scrunchies that effortlessly add a touch of chic perfection to your hair — even if they're thrown on a minute before you rush out the door.

To find out which hair accessories shoppers are currently swooning over, Etsy compared search data from the last three months to the same time period from the previous year (aka 2019). This process revealed a few tell-tale upticks: Three overall trends, and two micro-trends within the lineup.

Below, the hair accessories you should keep your eye on this spring. (Or, better yet, start adding to your collection now.)

Spring 2020 Hair Accessory Trend: Silk

Unsurprisingly, the leading accessory trend is one that's centered in the health of your hair: Compared to this same time period in 2019, searches for "silk scrunchies" on Etsy have increased by a 92 percent leap in the last three months. Similarly, "silk bows" have also piqued shoppers' interest — searches for those have jumped by 7 percent.

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It's easy to figure out why the good-for-your-hair trend has taken off, too; the snag-free silk helps your hair stay hydrated (not to mention that it instantly makes any look that much more polished).

Spring 2020 Hair Accessory Trend: Pearls

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Pearl hair accessories are just as popular in 2020 as they were back in 2019 — though this time, the classic barrette isn't what shoppers are after. Etsy has seen a 28 percent search increase for "pearl hair pins", proving that the trend is taking on a new shape for 2020. And how you approach it is up to you: There's no shortage of uniquely designed pins accented with the buzzy gemstone, both on Etsy and all across the internet.

Spring 2020 Hair Accessory Trend: Clips

Still have a stash of claw clips left over from the '90s? Good. These last three months have shown a 15 percent bump in searches for the throwback accessory. (It's also been spotted recently on on Kendall Jenner, cementing its place in trend royalty.)

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For an even more retro look, pick up a pack of nostalgic, pastel butterflies — you know the ones. Etsy has seen a 7 percent increase in searches for "butterfly clips", as well.