17 Barrette Hairstyles To Try, Straight From Paris Fashion Week

Justine Marjan

In case you haven't been paying attention, hair accessories are having a serious moment. Scrunchies have gone from the gym to the runway, and headbands are adorning the heads of some of the coolest girls in fashion — not just Blair Waldorf on the Met steps. But one accessory in particular made a serious splash during Paris Fashion week, and that accessory was barrettes. Oh yes. The hair baubles were everywhere in the City of Light, and are sure to make their way to your timeline soon... but rest assured, there's a way to wear barrettes in 2019 without looking like you're in middle school.

The best barrette looks ranged from minimal and simple, like the teeny hair bows backstage at Thom Browne, to sumptuous and elegant, like the jewel-encrusted clips at Chanel. And the women on the street took things to even greater heights. They stacked multiple barrettes and bobby pins along their hairline. Some opted for a simple clip positioned just above a ponytail. And others didn't even use their barrettes to hold back their strands at all, instead opting to use their accessories as just that — accessories.

It was enough to make you scrounge through your nightstand at your mother's house to find the barrette you wore to your middle school homecoming — or DIY a new option yourself. But don't take my word for it. Ahead, find the ways the women of Paris rocked the hair barrette trend both on the runway and off of it.


At Chanel, Janelle Monáe accented the end of her long waist-length braid with a simple gold clip.


This gilded leaf barrette is the perfect example of how this trend can be dressed up or dressed down.


A barrette and bobby pin hybrid, as seen on this attendee, are a minimalist's dream.


These baubles at Paco Rabanne weren't barrettes at all. According to lead hairstylist Paul Hanlon, these are brooches taken off the clothes and pinned into the hair, taking the idea of DIY accessories to a whole new level.

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

Why have one barrette when you can have two? These pearl hair clips are feminine and fabulous.


You're not seeing things — Chriselle Lim's barrette has strands of hair woven through it, making for a seriously structural bauble.

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

Barrettes don't necessarily have to be functional, as proven by this oversized accessory which is just serving as an adornment.

"Playing with pearls this morning," Justine Marjan captioned while styling Sira Pevida.


More of a maximilaist? Mix-and-match your barrettes for a serious hair stack, like Brittany Xavier did.


Yes, folks with short hair can enjoy an accessory too, as proven by this rose and bow barrette at Chanel.


Your barrettes don't always have to pop. Opt for a shade that's similar to your hair color for a subtle, yet cool, way to elevate your look.

Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

When in doubt, opt for a minimal — yet bold — option to pin your hair back. If your hair is especially straight, try misting the area with a holding hairspray before clasping your barrette in to give it more grip.


The placement of this barrette backstage at Thom Browne preppy, yet still completely cool.


This bejeweled option at Chanel proves that barrettes can be seriously chic, and not just dainty.

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

This dangly barrette is part earring, part hair accessory... and who can argue with that functionality?


Move over, scrunchies. A barrette is the perfect hair adornment for your low ponytail.


At Chanel, this model wore two round barrettes above a tight bun, creating a trio of circles that made for a majorly chic hairstyle.