Scrunchies For Sleeping Could Be The Key To Perfect Hair In The Morning

The secret’s out: We all know that “effortless waves” — you know, the kind that look artfully disheveled in that just-rolled-out-of-bed way — aren’t actually effortless. But even if it currently takes you 30 minutes and almost as many products to create the tousled look you love (no shame), there’s hope for a truly effortless hair care routine yet. With an innovative, patent-pending design and a fabric that minimizes friction, Lunya’s new Washable Silk Scrunchie proves that scrunchies for sleeping could be the key to waking up with perfect hair.

“We got tired of doing our hair and then waking up with a kink where the rubber band was,” Ashley Merrill, the founder of sleepwear brand Lunya, tells The Zoe Report. (Um, same.) “We wanted something that minimized the need to redo our hair everyday.” If you’re thinking, A scrunchie is the answer? Really?, I get it. The familiar standby doesn’t sound particularly life- or hair-changing… but that’s only because you haven’t experienced Lunya’s version. The Washable Silk Scrunchie was conceptualized specifically to support sleep hair, and features a unique design that requires no twisting, no struggle, and thus, no denting or breakage.

“This was a piece that took a ton of R&D [research and development],” Merrill says. “We made lots of prototypes, from full hair bonnets — so Oregon Trail — to barely-there bands.” The final version includes a silk-covered elastic band, flanked by pull ties on either side. To use, you slide your hair through the scrunchie and pull at the tabs until you reach your desired tension. “It dissipates the band pressure really well, and since it utilizes silk on the outside, it’s naturally great for smoothing,” Merrill explains.


Where traditional hair ties and scrunchies can create breakage and frizz, silk material keeps hair protected. “Silk doesn’t pull moisture from your hair and skin the way that cotton does, leaving your hair silkier and more hydrated,” Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Graham, tells TZR. This is particularly beneficial for natural and textured hair, which tends to be on the drier side and therefore more prone to breakage. That's why when you let down your hair the morning after using Lunya’s silky hair tie, it’ll look pretty much the same as it did before bed; no frizz, no elastic marks (at least, that’s been my personal experience — I’m certifiably obsessed).

The Lunya Washable Silk Scrunchie sold out in one weekend — don’t worry, you can still get on the waitlist for the next release — but there’s more than one way to sleep your way to better hair. “One of the easiest changes I’ve found that gives the biggest reward is switching to a silk pillowcase,” Marjan says. “I personally love The Hollywood Silk Solutions silk pillowcases, because one side is cotton so it won’t slip around on the bed.”

The stylist also suggests sleeping in a loose braid or two low buns; these styles keep hair frizz-free overnight and result in easy waves when you take them out in the morning. “For natural hair types, I’m a big fan of wearing the hair in a protective style, like the pineapple or a twist out, and sleeping in a silk scarf or turban,” Marjan tells TZR. “This will really keep the hair hydrated and protected while you sleep.”

Ahead, discover all the silk sleep accessories and no-snag scrunchies you need to cut your morning styling time in half. After all, as Merrill says, “Who doesn’t want something that effortlessly makes getting ready easier?”

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Washable Silk Scrunchie



“We’ve yet to meet a head of hair that didn’t love our scrunchie,” Lunya founder Ashley Merrill tells TZR of the brand's new (and already sold out) silk sleeping scrunchie. Hot tip: She says the Washable Silk Scrunchie will be back in stock in three to four weeks, so get on the waitlist now.

Silk Pillowcase White


Hollywood Silk Solutions

“Taking care of your hair while you sleep can be one of the best ways to prevent frizz, breakage, and damage from friction while you get your beauty sleep,” Marjan says. Her go-to silk pillowcase will upgrade your hair care routine *and* your bedroom decor.

Hair Tie Bobble 4 Pack



“I love the Kitsch coil hair ties that are made of flexible plastic that molds and shapes with the hair,” Marjan says. “These are especially great for curly hair types so that they won’t disrupt the curl pattern and for extensions because they have less tension and tugging.”

Sliding Ponytail Holder



Originally designed for models backstage at Fashion Week who needed a way to gently pull back their hair without crushing the style, Pulleez are the easiest option to give your everyday pony a no-snag upgrade.

Silk Hair Wrap


SILKE London

Keep your natural hairstyle protected by sleeping in a silk head wrap, like this chic one from SILKE London.

Pink Oversized Silk Scrunchie



ShhhSilk’s baby pink silk scrunchie works double duty: Use it overnight to keep your hair free from frizz and breakage, then wear it on the weekend for a full-on ‘80s vibe.

Silk Hair Ties



If you want the benefits of a silk scrunchie without the bulk, opt for one of these skinny ties from Slip.




Treating your hair to an overnight mask? Tuck it into Shhhowercap’s nano-tech cap — the mask won’t stain the hydrophobic fabric, and you can even wear it in the shower.

Traceless Hair Ring



It’s called the Traceless Hair Ring for a reason. Use one to tie up your hair overnight, and it won’t leave a trace behind.

Embroidered Silk Queen Pillowcase



Bonus: This silk pillowcase from Slip comes complete with your initials embroidered for a luxe touch.