Here's How To Wear This Controversial '90s Trend Like A Grown-Up

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It's safe to say that fashion is known for recycling a trend or two. However with seemingly every past trend now up for grabs, it can be tough deciding which are worth buying into. But when it comes to accessories, there's specifically one era that's taking the lead. With more than a handful already popping up at your favorite retailers, these '90s accessories trends are going to be everywhere this spring. From butterfly motifs to oversized scrunchies, some of the most popular trends are available now at Urban Outfitters. So there's no time like the present to stock up some on these nostalgic finds.

From baguette handbags to zebra-print high-tops, fashion's elite are slowly making their way through the trends of the '90s. Between Matrix-inspired leather or Carrie Bradshaw-approved slip dresses, the decade truly had a wide range of themes to choose from. Whether your personal style is more grunge than feminine, or a fluid mix of it all, these throwback accessory trends have a little bit of everything. But because they teeter the fine line between playful and childish, the key to successfully styling them like a grown-up is to wear them with the more refined pieces in your wardrobe. For example, a trusty bandana doubles has a head scarf (which Dior just promised to be the next big thing in hair), but can just as easily be worn as a tube top with relaxed tailoring.

Lucky for you, TZR's favorite '90s trends are available now at Urban Outfitters and have been rounded up just ahead. Complete with elevated styling tips and tricks to match, continue on to shop these must-have styles.

Butterfly Clips

A popular motif from the decade, butterflies can be found on a range of vintage-inspired finds (like jewelry and hair baubles). Urban Outfitters is offering up a colorful assortment of butterfly clips, sans crimped hair, and it's an easy way to amp up any style. Try wearing the playful pieces with any plain white tee and denim combo.

Headscarves And Bandanas

The accessory reached peak popularity after being seen on the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and everyone's fictional fave, Carrie Bradshaw, in the '90s. But when it comes to styling the trend in 2020, try wearing it looped through your undone braid (like TZR's site director, Lauren Caruso) or get creative by tying it around the handles of your favorite handbag.


Though scrunchies never disappeared completely, the controversial accessory has been everywhere lately. Besides being a safer alternative for your strands, the endless fabric options make for easy and functional accessorizing. Equally chic around your wrist, they work well wrapped around a ponytail or bun, and you'll simply never regret having a comfy and cute up-do accessory at hand amid the warmer months.

Charm Necklaces

The grown-up way to wear this customizable trend is by implementing the "less-is-more" rule. Sticking to one or just a few charms on one chain prevents overdoing it.


The dainty addition is an uncommon jewelry choice, so donning one feels special. It's possibly the one piece missing from your jewelry box, but it's surprisingly wearable for every day.

Claw Hairclips

With a plethora of hair accessories to choose from, the banana clip has made a rather surprising comeback, thanks to Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Among scrunchies and bandanas, claw clips are also an easy but stylish hair hack.

Gradient Sunglasses

A staple in just about every music video and television show from the late '90s, the gradient sunglasses are back (but in modern silhouettes that are ideal for 2020). Now's the time to embrace the colorful trend and Urban Outfitters' affordable options are proof.