Design Experts Say This Paint Color Will Bring Your Home Into 2021 Now


It's kind of amazing what a can of paint can do. If you've ever applied a fresh coat to your walls, you know how instantly transformational this relatively simple decor task can actually be — and in the scheme of things it's also one of the most affordable ones. Because of this, it makes a great project to try at home for instant gratification at any budget. But if you're not quite sure just what shade to slick your walls with, a look at some of the biggest 2021 paint trends could provide you with some much-needed inspiration.

A common theme among the colors that appear to be gaining momentum for next year are those that offer a soothing, calming feeling, as opposed to something more electric and energizing. In fact, it was this concept that inspired paint brand PPG to create a trio of new hues, the Be Well Palette. "When the world experiences events that cause unrest, anxiety, and grief, we tend to naturally gravitate toward compassionate colors that allow us to create a comforting personal retreat from the world," says senior color marketing manager Amy Donato. "These comfort colors offer a certain sense of familiarity and normalcy when facing the unknown."

But colors you might describe as calming also don't have to be boring. Beloved paint brands like PPG as well as Backdrop are proving that such shades can still pack a punch and provide a little more mood or drama in your home — even if it's just with one accent wall. Ahead, see exactly which hues they're predicting will be huge for 2021. But if you can't wait for the new year, they also happen to be a perfect way to update your space for fall right now.


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2021 Paint Trend: Blue-Green

Taking its cue from 2020's resurgence of classical blue hues, blue-green — from pale aqua to deep sea shades — could bring the sense of tranquility bodies of water provide into your home. "Surf Camp (a dark blue with green undertones) has consistently been one of our best sellers since we launched and I can see that continuing through 2021," says Ebel of the brand's first-launched color.

On the lighter side, PPG's Misty Aqua gives a similar feel that's perfect for those who crave a softer palette or less moody effect. "[Misty Aqua is a] must-have turquoise on your bedroom walls [...] to help create a stress-free zone," Donato suggests.

2021 Paint Trend: Rusty Terracotta

"Rust is a classic color that is perfect for fall," says interior designer Stefani Stein. And Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors believes this earthy hue is trending because it is "the perfect representation of the change of seasons." But this rich and grounding color makes for an impactful neutral year-round as well. "I think earth tones continue to gain popularity as the need for 'grounding' in this crazy world continues," says Natalie Ebel, Backdrop's founder and designer. "We just launched Ghost Ranch (a warm, earthy terracotta) and it’s already really popular for accent walls, shapes, and framing."

Terracotta also makes an appearance in PPG's Be Well palette for its ability to provide warmth and comfort. "Big Cypress, a warm ginger terracotta tone, is ideal for living rooms, creating a welcoming environment that is perfect for binge watching your new favorite series or just relaxing with a cup of tea after a busy day," shares Donato.

2021 Paint Trend: Pinky Beige

According to the experts, Millennial Pink has been moved aside for something a bit less precious and more neutral. Such beige-y pinks are a great way to introduce a little more color into restricted palettes. "Since more people have taken to painting themselves we’re seeing people get bolder in their 'neutrals'," says Ebel. "We can see pinks going from accent to full room and home applications, especially softer pinks like Modern Love (a warm, muted pink), which has a nice calming effect."

Transcend, which can be found in PPG's new collection, offers a similar effect. Donato says this "brown sugar beige" is perfect for painting your home office or any space you wish to make more serene and inspiring — and therefore conducive to productivity.