15 Meaningful Jewelry Gifts For Friends That’ll Show Them How Much You Care


Has holiday shopping for your best friend made you long for simpler childhood days of splitting up heart-shaped "best friends" necklaces and exchanging woven friendship bracelets? Though your friend group's style has probably become slightly more sophisticated since, not much has changed in the way of buying jewelry gifts for friends. When in doubt, stick to the gift-giving principals you learned as a kid: take note of your friend's favorite color, and aim for sentimental gifts.

Admittedly, you should subtly figure out your friend's favorite metal tone, too — but once you know both, shopping for jewelry gifts is a breeze. Buy jewelry that'll complement the color your friend always wears (whether they realize it or not). Mango has hundreds of affordable jewelry options, like these $25.99 resin metal earrings for the friend that can't stop styling warm tones like scarlet and gold. The bright resin's darker shading will let the earrings work with any shade of red in your friend's closet.

Not able to find a single color in your friend's closet? While minimalist metal jewelry pops against classic wardrobes, you can always pick up neutral-toned jewelry that's far from boring. Though it's only made of sterling silver and brown leather, this vintage Hermès bracelet would thrill any friend with simple, sophisticated style. The fact that the designer bracelet's only $347.24 on 1stdibs can be your secret.


Looking beyond colors and metal tones opens an even wider world of gift possibilities. As the adage goes, it's the thought that counts, and gifting jewelry tailored to your friend has a way of being instantly sentimental. Personalized jewelry is in this season, too, so you have your pick from astrology necklaces, birthstone charms, and special signets. Grab one of Wanderlust + Co's affordable birthstone jewelry pieces (like this gold birthstone necklace for $79) if your friend loves boho style, or personalize this $325 Emily Oberg x STONE AND STRAND ring with your friend's birth year.

While astrology charms and birthstones are trendy ways to gift considerately, showing how well you know your friend can be done through the right piece of jewelry. Opt to shop at a store that donates to a charity you know will speak to your friend's heart — it lets you give your friend a pretty little box, and does good for something your friend cares about. The beautifully designed Milestone Rings collection from Loop Jewelry is a good starting point: the limited-edition rings each retail at $200, with all proceeds donated to a charity picked by the ring's designer. On top of that, Loop matches 100 percent of each donation, too.

While knowing what to buy everyone you know can make the holiday season stressful, finding the perfect gift for your best friends is easy. Use everything you know — and love — about your friends to guide the way. Ahead, 15 jewelry gift ideas that are as thoughtful as they are pretty.