12 Rustic Holiday Decorations From Terrain That’ll Make Any Home Feel Like A Cozy Cabin


Rich greenery and garlands, naturally cozy textiles, twinkly lights that mimic a sky full of stars — these are some of the makings of an ideally decorated holiday home. When it comes down to it, the holiday season is a little bit about bringing the outdoors in, creating a space that feels more in tune with nature and the beauty it offers this time of year. And if you often find yourself inspired by the elements, decking your halls with rustic holiday decorations from Terrain is the perfect way to celebrate the season, and make your home feel especially cozy.

Although nailing a rustic vibe can sometimes seem a bit challenging, it may actually be the aesthetic that's most organic to the holiday season. With so many callouts to nature and all her glory — looking at you, 8-foot noble fir in the middle of the living room — it makes sense to really lean into décor that's inspired by the great outdoors. Plus, by trending towards trimmings that all harken back to the same simple, earthy elements, you're more likely to create a cohesive (and super cozy) feeling across all the spaces in your home.

And if you're at a loss for where to find everything you'd need for a rustic holiday home, look no further than Terrain. The home and garden outfitter has created a holiday shop that's all about celebrating nature, so it's pretty much a one-stop shop to snag decorative essentials from garland and fresh greenery to warm lighting and low-key finishing touches. The overall vibe? Easy, unpretentious, and festive décor that'll have your home feeling cheery and charming.

The best Terrain finds to infuse rustic flair are earthy items like the brand's Faux Bois Tea Light Holder, starting at $10 for the shortest size, which add realistic log cabin appeal wherever they're placed. Try them on your mantel, or to cast a warm glow on your holiday dining table. Keep the forest vibes going with these wax-coated pinecones, $14, which have a subtle wash of seasonal color so your décor isn't totally monotone.

Take advantage of the store's offerings of made-to-order greenery like a fresh noble fir garland, $148, that'll give your home that universally recognized woodsy holiday fragrance (no candle necessary). Spruce up the garland by intertwining it with a strand of blown glass bulbs, $78, and rustic velvet ribbon, $18, so the greenery feels warm and festive. Use the same lights and trimmings on your wreath and tree so the rustic look is carried throughout your spaces.

Finishing touches like stockings fashioned out of linen and velvet and a natural jute tree skirt, $128, help to really evoke a cozy cottage house vibe, and are versatile enough to use year after year, even if other decorative elements shift. You'll also be increasingly thankful for them as they naturally wear each season, giving them an even more rustic appearance.

The best part about a rustic aesthetic is, in part, the fact that it's meant to look a little undone — there's no need to get fussy with the finishings. All you have to do is opt for décor that's natural and inspiring to you and go for earthy hues that'll work with anything. That way, you're bound to end up with a festive, cozy home ideal for celebrating the season and everything it brings. Shop some of Terrain's best rustic holiday offerings below.