This $40 IKEA Lamp Is The Perfect Way To Highlight Your Wall Art


When you're dreaming up all the ways to amp up the style factor in your home, it may slip your mind to factor in the lighting. But actually, doing so can have a lot more impact than you may think. Not only that, but unlike large furniture pieces, it doesn't have to cost you a lot. With so many stylish lamps under $100, it's both easy and affordable to switch up your lighting and make a dramatic statement in any room — regardless of your desired aesthetic.

Interior design experts can predict a ton of decor trends, and lighting is no exception. You can play with some of the most in-demand materials (like marble and concrete for industrial homes and rattan for more bohemian, staycation vibes) and colors (whether you're into 2020's Color of the Year Classic Blue or a little something more outside-the-box) with your lamps just as you would with other design elements, like your coffee table and textiles. So if you haven't updated your lighting in a while, they might be a good place to start when considering a little refresh.

And whether you're looking for something quirky or a little more timeless, you might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite affordable decor retailers have options in stock for less than the cost of your last Trader Joe's run. Ready to spruce up your bedside table, desk, or anywhere else that could use some brightening up (literally)? From trendy styles (mushroom, exposed bulbs) to more timeless ones, the following 10 lamps could just be the upgrade your home decor has been begging for — for under $100.