The Simple-But-Stunning Fall Tablescape Even Minimalists Will Love

How to recreate the look.

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unique fall tablescapes
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In general, there’s a tendency when creating tablescapes to veer into over-the-top territory. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; in fact, quite the opposite. Statement settings and intricately decorated surfaces are beautiful, if not downright breathtaking. For minimalists, though, that’s not always desirable, no matter how pretty it may be. Yet sadly, inspiration seems to run short on unique tablescapes — especially for fall — that are both simple and stunning.

It is out there, though, and more plentiful than you might think. But before you start ogling over the minimal fall tablescapes TZR has rounded up ahead, you may want to brush up on your styling skills. Because, as the below examples will inevitably prove, creating a moment that’s both seasonal and pared-back can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can abide by to make it easier on yourself. According to Joe Parenteau, one of the co-founders of tableware brand Fable, that starts with using well-made products. “Durable, high-quality pieces that are crafted to last are foundational to any great tablescape; pieces that you’ll love for years to come, nothing too trendy that’s easy to grow tired of.”

With that timeless foundation, you can easily incorporate a few seasonal elements without going overboard. “Moving into fall, we love complementing [our tableware] with elements that add warmth and character, like our Belgian linen tablecloth and napkins in Oatmeal or Gray, and fresh or dried flowers in rich, autumnal tones,” continues Parenteau. “Swapping out silver flatware for something that adds a bit more dimension, like the Flatware Set in Matte Black or Matte Gold, is also a great way to develop a more unique seasonal look.”

But of course, the exact details are up to you. You may decide to include a small bouquet of deep red flowers or switch your go-to forks for gold pieces. The important thing is to choose just a few elements that represent the season; the rest can be kept as simple as possible so as to ensure you don’t turn the look into a maximalist situation. Here, a few of TZR’s favorite examples of how to do that beautifully.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Fruit Details & Moody Tones

No, you don’t have to abide by the typical autumn color palette. Like Fable, opt for a moody aesthetic that still feels appropriate for the season by incorporating dark grays and the deep hues of your favorite fruits. A pop of cream and blush will round out the unexpected look and add a soothing touch.

A Dramatic Lineup Of Candles

Nothing says cozy like a smattering of candles. Elevate this scenario by including a mixture of colorful candle holders and tapers, along with beautiful glassware and some equally stunning (and delicious) beverages. Ensure your accessories pop by setting them against an all-white or cream background.

A Pretty Blue & Orange Color Scheme

While bright blues aren’t your average fall shade, they look appropriately seasonal paired with accents of orange, gold, and wood. It’s a great combination if you’re looking for something on the brighter, more playful side.

Dark Neutrals & Lots Of Greens

Courtesy of Social Studies

Social Studies’ “Dark Nordic” set couldn’t be more fall-appropriate. With deep blacks, dark wood tones, and accents of gold, it’s a chic embodiment of everything the cooler season should be. Just be sure to add some greenery — it softens up what could otherwise seem more sleek and modern than warm.

Classic Fall Accent Hues

Yes, you can still create a fall mood with the simplest of white settings. Just go monochromatic with your fall colors — additions of orange vases and amber glasses will provide a distinctly autumnal vibe.

A Jumble Of Statement Centerpieces

Rather than get too fancy with your dinnerware, simply focus on the centerpieces to make things easier. A few statement vases, sculptures, and bowls scattered throughout the middle of the table (preferably with some traditional fall tones mixed in) will add interest without going overboard.

A Single Pop Of Jewel Tones

It doesn’t get much more minimal than this tablescape by West Elm — yet it’s still distinctly seasonal. That’s thanks to the one addition of jewel-toned flowers and a singular vase; otherwise, the setting simply features stone-colored dinnerware and clear glass in a soft neutral setting.

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