Drew Barrymore’s Approach To Tablescaping Is Both Affordable & Sustainable

A thrifty queen.

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Drew Barrymore / Instagram
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Tablescapes in general are all about being extravagant. More often than not, the goal is to create an opulent, over-the-top scene, which can require expensive floral arrangements, fussy decor, fine china, and luxe linens. And while the result is beautiful, it can also be costly and far from sustainable. Which is why, if you’re looking to keep the cost and impact low on your own, it’s worth noting that there is another way to approach tablescapes — and Drew Barrymore’s holiday version is the perfect example.

Over the weekend, the star shared her Thanksgiving creation on Instagram, giving fans a lesson in the art of easy, minimalist tablescapes with a slideshow of the process. Rather than hiring decorators or renting fancy settings, Barrymore took followers through her house as she shopped her home for items she already had on hand. “Thanksgiving table was really just a combo of beach shells and garage doodads and candles bought at the grocery store and a few new bits and bobs. Mostly just minimal, found and easy,” she wrote in the caption with the hashtags #finditineverything and #rebelhomemaker.

You may be expecting to see an underwhelming table as a result of her thrifty decorating practice, but the end product was actually both polished and unique. The 46-year-old scattered her found objects down the middle of the table, utilizing varying heights and shapes to create interest. She also included a plethora of candles (aka the aforementioned grocery store finds), which created a warm, festive mood and unified the entire assortment. Mismatched fabric napkins completed the look by giving the tablescape a colorful, eclectic feel.

While you may not have the exact mix of decor that Barrymore found in her home, anyone can recreate this minimalist dinner table in their own way for the holidays. Simply start by scoping out unique pieces from your space, which can include anything — large bowls, old glass bottles, funky candlestick holders, or whatever else catches your eye. Then, add in an element of nature: Like Barrymore, you can place groups of seashells throughout the table, or even go scavenge for some branches in your backyard to place in vases or make garland. Candles are necessary, so search through your drawers or hit up Michaels for some inexpensive tea lights. Then, finish by adding any dinnerware and linens you have — the more eclectic, the merrier.

While there’s nothing wrong with an extravagant tablescape, Barrymore’s Thanksgiving version proves that it’s not necessary to splurge on florals or buy all new decor for your settings to look good. Rather, you can keep things affordable and even eco-friendly by repurposing things you already own — and the result will be just as beautiful.

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