This Color Combination Will Take Your Fall Style To The Next Level

Genius pairing ideas ahead.

Grece Ghanem

The traditional fashion rules are slowly (but surely) fading away. Wearing white after Labor Day is encouraged, sneakers are replacing heels in the office, and gender-neutral clothing brands are becoming the norm. When it comes to color, seasonal palettes aren’t strictly followed anymore either. Jewel tones work for spring and pastels are popping up for autumn and winter. So, while warm weather days may be numbered, you don’t have to dress like that’s the case. Instead, embrace fall’s boldest color combinations inspired by the Instagram style set.

A slew of brands back up the theory that fall is no longer just associated with hues like black, maroon, burnt orange, olive green, and golden yellow in their Fall/Winter 2021 collections. Take Marc Jacobs, which paired a bubblegum pink dress with a fire engine red jacket. Then there was Off-White making the case for a baby blue sweater and neon orange bag. Of course, Jacquemus’ colorful line can’t be forgotten, particularly the fuchsia and orange outfit that appeared on the runway.

According to Pantone’s 20021/2022 NYFW color report, fall is full of unexpected shades. For instance, Fuchsia Fedora, which is described as “flirtatious, bold pink with allure”. Similarly, Pale Rosette, “an endearing and gentle romantic pink,” is included in the roundup. Try wearing the two shades together for an Elle Woods-approved ensemble. Additionally, though yellow is typically a mainstay for fall, it’s getting a notch brighter this season, as proven by Illuminating — a “friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.”

Ready to experiment with color this fall? Below, find 10 exciting color combinations to test out, according to influencers.

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Mint Green + Lilac

If bright neon hues are too bold for your fashion taste, that’s alright. Instead, lean on visually pleasing pastels like mint green and lilac. It turns out the two complement one another quite nicely.

Brown + Green

Brown feels very on-brand for fall, especially in the form of a fringe jacket. But rather than finishing the look off with another traditional autumnal hue, go in the opposite direction with something summery like slime green. For a fun styling technique, tie the punchy green sweater over your shoulders. The outfit doesn’t feel too out-of-the-box, yet is still intriguing.

Pink + Yellow

According to Pantone, fuchsia will be a go-to shade this fall, so consider wearing it head to toe. Give the intense color a pared-back approach by mixing a muted yellow top into the mix.

Orange + Green

Pairing together orange and green might make you think of a carrot (if it does as of this moment, sorry!). But, influencer Ellie Delphine proves that, with the right styling choices, the combination can be surprisingly elevated. A flowy maxi dress and sleek heels won’t resemble a vegetable in the slightest.

Salmon + Neon Yellow

Sometimes all you need to motivate yourself for a workout is to throw on a bright mood-boosting ensemble. This fall, get excited for that early morning SoulCycle class with a coral-salmon matching set and neon yellow jacket on top.

Neon Orange + Gray

Still hesitant about wearing bright colors this fall? If so, start slowly by continuing to wear your dark neutrals and adding a bold sweater to the outfit. You’ll be well on your way to mastering more color combinations.

Soft Yellow + Lilac

Don’t be afraid to swap your seasonal color palettes. In fact, a spring-approved lilac and sunshine yellow pairing feels refreshing during the chilly fall months. Ground the look with post-labor day white jeans (because, why not break all the rules while you’re at it?).

Fiery Red + Bright Pink

Take notes from the Marc Jacobs’ runway and test drive a bright pink and red combo this season. A red heel and pink sweatpants give off a cool contrast that can transition from your home office to drinks with friends.

Buttery Yellow + Neon Green

Minimalists, this one’s for you. Instead of completely going out of your comfort zone, stick to your same buttery yellow set this fall, but throw on a bright green top to add an eye-catching element to the look. The outfit still feels pared-back, but with a subtle kick to it.

Hunter Green + Bubblegum Pink

No need to set your hunter green fall staples aside — just add in a punch of pink to make things exciting. To do this, swap out your leather knee-high boots for a striking pink style.