This Popular Airbnb Experience Makes For The Most Creative Date Night

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Last year "social distancing" didn't just become a commonly used phrase (albeit unexpectedly) but a way of life for people all over the world — and those practices are still very much in place in 2021. Thankfully, technology offered so many ways to interact with your loved ones — some of which you probably never imagined you'd be doing. As reflected by the most popular Airbnb experiences for 2020, socially distant folks turned to the booking site not only as a way to virtually travel to distant destinations but to learn new skills, be entertained, and above all creatively connect with others even without ever leaving your home.

You probably already knew that Airbnb is a widely used resource for planning IRL travel, but did you know that you can also take classes, attend concerts, tour far-off cities, and more via the site's breadth of online experiences? Whether you're looking for creative activities to take on solo, unique virtual date ideas, or group hangs that spice up your usual Zoom happy hour, you're bound to find something of interest that will keep you busy, expand your mind, and allow you to explore the sights, sounds, and even tastes of place you may not be able to visit for a while.

Looking for your own digital escape? Airbnb's most booked experiences for 2020 is a good place to start your search. From cooking authentic Mexican dishes to meditating with chocolate, the 10 virtual activities ahead will transport and entertain you in the most out-of-the-box ways.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Drawn From Within With A New York Artist


It doesn't matter if you don't have any artistic experience, NYC-based host/drawing instructor Ben teaches his virtual attendees how to tap into and explore your creativity — at any level. All you need is a pencil and paper and your imagination. The class starts at $15 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Secrets Of Japanese Whiskey


Not only will you get an overview of this "mysterious alcohol," but the Japanese Whiskey expert will offer you "noseing" tips, guide you in a virtual tasting, and even share the ways locals prefer to drink it. This drinking session starts at $16 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Korean Food Revolution


A London-based, South Korea-born food and travel journalist guides you through a few key traditional dishes — with plenty of history lessons and personal anecdotes along the way. The class starts at $19 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Meet The Woolly Sheep & Lambs On My Farm


A must-do for animal lovers, this experiences takes you virtually to the New Zealand countryside where you'll meet the adorable animals plus learn how they're rescued and fed, and how their wool is sourced. The experience starts at $11 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: A Fabulous Day In Paris With A Parisian


Emily in Paris fans, this one's for you. You'll travel to the market, learn historical French facts, and even find out what to pack for a perfectly Parisian picnic. This virtual escape starts at $17 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Happiness Meditation With Chocolate


During this hour-long session, host Ana will help you start the new year on a positive note by teaching you some basics of meditating before guiding you through a happiness ritual — complete with chocolate. The session starts at $11 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Sneak Peek Into Kenyan Culture & Tradition


Expand your cultural knowledge with this crash course. Host Samson will not only break down all of Kenya's 44 ethnic groups but even share a few Swahili words. The class starts at $13.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Sangria & Secrets With Drag Queens


A drag show with cocktails is still possible when you're social distancing — just ask the hosts of this unique digital experience based in Lisboa, Portugal. Not only will you learn an authentic sangria recipe (along with some cultural history) but you'll also get treated to a live drag show. This activity starts at $36 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass


Learn the many nuances of coffee masking in this class taught by a Mexico City-based barista — including tasting and trying various processes. Booking starts at just $9 per person.

Popular Airbnb Experiences: Make Mexican Street Tacos With A Pro Chef


Another culinary experience that just might curb your travel craving This Mexico City-based cooking class during which you'll make everything for your street-style tacos from scratch — including traditional red salsa and flour tortillas. The lesson starts at $21 per person.