Revival Found A Way To Turn Recycled Jeans Into Some Of The Most Stylish Rugs We’ve Seen

We’re shocked, too.

revival denim rug collection

As BBC Future reported in 2020, the world generates an “estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste” every year. It’s a staggering number that’s only expected grow — and one that underscores the importance of doing your part to not only reduce your consumption, but to recycle your unwanted clothing rather than throw it away. Of course, many individuals recognize this and are doing their part to reverse this alarming trend. But it’s even more important for companies — big and small — to make an impact by reducing and reusing on a larger scale. One such brand that’s doing so? Revival Rugs, which just dropped a Denim Rug Collection in an effort to give what would be discarded clothing some new life.

Namely, jeans which would have otherwise been sent to sit in a landfill. That’s right: The brand has used recycled cotton denim to create decor for your floor. It’s an exciting prospect, to say the least. But once you recover from your excitement over a new, sustainable Revival line, you might be wondering how stylish a rug made from denim could possibly be.

The answer, however, is very. Leave it to the company whose wide range of rugs has all but taken over Instagram’s trendiest spaces, because Revival has somehow made a slightly unexpected material (for decor, at least) into a collection that could fit into nearly any space. Using a rag rug technique, the brand turned textile remnants (one five-foot by eight-foot rug uses 10 to 12 pairs of recycled jeans) into drape-y, handwoven flatweaves in rich blue hues. As for the designs, they feature basic geometric shapes and a light 1920s influence. “A little bit of art deco meets Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiquiu casita,” the brand explains.

Unless you prefer a distinctly Americana aesthetic in your space, you may be glad that the use of jeans aren’t obvious in the collection. But while its look may not scream “denim,” its benefits surely do. Like most jeans, these rugs are affordable (ranging from $109 to $349) and versatile. And perhaps the best part? They’re machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about being too precious with them in your home.

The Denim Collection features six styles, as well as several different size options. Each piece is available now on Revival’s site, just in time for Earth Month in April. Get a preview, ahead.

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