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Our Place Founder Shiza Shahid’s Kitchen Is As Dreamy As You’d Imagine

Here’s what she cooks in there.

Andrea Czarnota
Shiza Shahid Our Place Founder
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These days, the living space is yet another extension of one’s personal style. TZR’s series Home In 5 digs into the key elements, items, and inspiration behind the chic homes of top influencers. Here, we sit down with entrepreneur and activist Shiza Shahid and chat about her Spanish-style West Los Angeles home.

As the co-founder of Instagram’s favorite cookware brand, Shiza Shahid’s kitchen is of course armed with colorful culinary artillery. The pans, the convection oven, even the dishware all come from Our Place — but the space isn’t merely a showroom for the equally aesthetic and functional products her company creates; it’s truly a hub where cultures commingle and meaningful conversations are had. And that’s exactly the mission Shahid had in mind not only for her home, but her business as well.

When Our Place launched its instantly viral Always Pan back in 2019, Shahid and her business partners had set out to make modern and sustainable cookware that celebrates multicultural cuisine. Having been raised in Pakistan, where she witnessed the limitations of a patriarchal history and society, she fought against the more traditional definition of domestic life, instead focusing on empowering her community. As early as 12 or 13, she began volunteering with women’s and human rights causes, culminating in her co-founding of Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization Malala Fund (alongside fellow Pakistani activist and friend Malala Yousafzai). It was this desire to create the change she wished to see in the world that led her to co-creating her groundbreaking global cookware brand and put her on lists like Forbes’ “30 under 30” and Elle’s “Top Women in Tech.”

Andrea Czarnota

When it came time to design her West Los Angeles home, Shahid wanted to create a space that was similarly inclusive. For her, that meant filling the Spanish-style abode with pieces by fellow creative women of color (like Brigette Romanek and Justina Blakeney) as well as pieces that reflect her and husband Amir Tehrani’s varying cultural backgrounds. The entrepreneur and activist tells TZR they fell in love with the home’s warmth as well as the location’s convenience. “We live a short walk from our neighborhood farmers market which we love going to every weekend,” she says. “It’s a quiet neighborhood, but very central and easy to get around to our office and retail stores.”

Curating a beautiful home can be an integral part of running a successful business — whether it be a source of design inspiration or simply offering a serene spot to recharge. Shahid has achieved both, so we set out to learn more about what makes her space so special, from the cozy spot you’re most likely to find her lounging in to the gadget she can’t live without (hint: it’s in the kitchen). So if it’s your goal to have a home that’s just as welcoming as it is beautiful, read on for all the decor details.

What is your favorite lounge spot in your home?

I love lounging in the nook by our fireplace, it looks out to our garden and always brings a sense of calm to my day. We love the fireplace, the tiles, and the sun streaming in from the large windows.

Andie Jane

What is your most recent home purchase?

Most recently I purchased the design book Liveable Luxe by my friend Brigette Romanek. It’s a beautiful coffee table book that I leave out on display, and its pages are filled with unique designs from her brilliant mind.

What is your favorite home purchase?

I recently purchased a piece of art from my friend Justina Blakeney’s first art show. The name of the painting is “The Floral Blanket” and it’s part of her “Dolce far Niente” series. Dolce far Niente is Italian for “the sweetness of doing nothing.” In Justina’s words, it’s a reminder for those of us steeped in “hustle” culture and always in “do, do, do, go, go, go” mode about the sweetness that exists in just being. In this painting, a beautiful woman is depicted in a blanket with flowers, reminding us that we are part of nature.

What is the biggest conversation starter in your home?

Definitely our kitchen. Everything in it is from Our Place designed by our one-of-a-kind team with so much thought and attention to detail. It makes the kitchen the heart of our home, and inspires us to cook and host more. From the Wonder Oven, Splendor Blender, and Dream Cooker on the countertop to the glassware and dinnerware stacked in our cupboards, and of course the Always Pan and Perfect Pot on the stove. It really is an expression of the love and pride we feel in the product we’ve made.

Rachel Borkow

What item in your home do you use most?

I cook often and use most of Our Place products daily, but the Wonder Oven I use three times a day. I’m using it to toast bread, to air fry chicken tikka, to roast Brussels sprouts, to reheat leftover lasagna. I can’t live without it.