Your Sleep Routine Needs This New Brock Collection x natureofthings Collab

It’s full of stylish and soothing essentials.

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Courtesy of Brock Collection x natureofthings

There’s no shame in needing a little help falling asleep these days. As the American Psychological Association recently reported, researchers have documented a stark increase in sleep disorders since the start of the pandemic. Understandably, this is prompting people to place a renewed focus on getting quality Z’s — in fact, Pinterest predicted that sleep care would become the new self-care in 2021, and more and more brands are launching products dedicated to helping you create a soothing bedtime routine. The latest example of this? The natureofthings collaboration with Brock Collection, which launches Aug. 26 with a capsule of sleep essentials made with giving you the sweetest of dreams in mind.

It’s an unexpected partnership, at least at first glance — what does a wellness-focused beauty brand and a fashion-girl favorite clothing label have in common? As of now, one major thing: Getting you to sleep. The launch comes on the heels of natureofthings’ Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask drop this summer; now a few months later, Brock Collection is swooping in to establish the rest of your luxurious nighttime ritual.

That will include a limited-edition set of essentials created with Brock Collection’s signature romantic style: a headband, an eye mask, and a rose-and-lavender-filled dream pillow, along with the aforementioned overnight mask. Naturally, the $345 kit is just as soothing to look at as it is to wear. Each item features a print from the archives of Maison BUCOL (a French fabric mill Brock Collection works with) that’s made up of a foliage pattern in soft cream, blue, and orange.

Courtesy of Brock Collection x natureofthings
natureofthings / Instagram

Though slightly out of the ordinary in natureofthings’ offerings, the new collaboration fits right in with its ethos. The brand’s mission is to “enhance daily rituals,” which it does through formulas like skin care, bath soaks, and supplements. With this set, it aims to do that again — simply slather on its Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask, and then complete the routine with the headband, eye mask, and dream pillow as you fall into bed. An enhanced daily ritual, indeed.

The natureofthings x Brock Collection Sleep Essentials Ritual is available exclusively on natureofthings’ site. Shop it starting Aug. 26 — and we’d recommend moving fast.

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