Grace Jones Inspired A Candle And Yes, It’s Iconic

The fragrance is fittingly gender-defying.

Boy Smells
Boy Smells X Grace Jones Candle

As you could probably gather from its name, cult-favorite fragrance brand Boy Smells has made its mark by churning out a collection of “genderful” scents. While it is no stranger to pop culture collaborations (one of its bestsellers is Slow Burn, co-created by country star Kacey Musgraves), it just landed arguably its most iconic and appropriately gender-defying creative partner yet. Grace Jones and Boy Smells’ GRACE candle is a love letter to the Black style icon’s roots and a celebration of her dedication to the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a queer-owned company (founded by Matthew Herman and David Kien), Boy Smells has established itself as an advocate for representation and inclusion. Its previously released Pride Radiance Collection, which donated a portion of proceeds to The Trevor Project, was inspired by Gottmik, Tommy Dorfman, and more emerging LGBTQIA+ artists who also starred in the collection’s campaign. With the release of GRACE, Boy Smells continues this mission and even ups the ante by selecting a muse who paved the way for gender nonconformists of the new generation.

And in case you’ve managed to get this far without knowing just who Jones is, muse is certainly the operative word. A model who has graced (pun intended) the covers of Vogue and Elle, she has worked with the top fashion houses and photographers in the business and has been immortalized by Andy Warhol. Jones is also highly respected for her work as an actor and prolific musician, and what always made her such a standout was her nonbinary approach to style and beauty. “I feel feminine when I feel feminine,” Jones has said. “I feel masculine when I feel masculine. I am a role switcher.”

How did Boy Smells capture all this in a scent? The brand looked to Jones’ home country of Jamaica when creating GRACE, an exotic yet tranquil commingling notes of bergamot, black pepper, freesia, waterlily, and rose on top, grounded by cedarwood, salted musks, and water stone accord. Think salty beach air with a floral breeze, but still earthy and spicy.

The brand kicked off the launch of GRACE with a bash at Public Hotels in New York City, attended by the coolest guest list in town. Drag performer and RuPaul’s Drag Race race winner Symone, Fire Island star Tomás Matos, photographer Hunter Abrams, and dancer Honey Balenciaga were all present to celebrate with Herman and Jones herself. It was a fitting celebration for the former Studio 54 fixture.

The GRACE candle, made with a combination of coconut and beeswax and featured in a frosted black glass container, is now available in 8.5 ounce standard size for $46, but you can also level up to a 26 ounce magnum size for $96. Based on the popularity of Boy Smells’ previous collaborations, you’re probably going to want to grab yours before they sell out.

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