Clutter Making You Anxious? Here Are 42 Clever Things You Should Have Gotten Sooner

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by Julia O'Donnell
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Physical clutter and mental clutter tend to go hand-in-hand; it's hard to feel calm in a space that feels chaotic. On the flip side, when you’re feeling anxious or stressed, decluttering can help bring relief — indeed, many of us consider cleaning to be one of the most soothing activities out there. If clutter is currently making you anxious, check out these 42 clever things that you probably should have gotten sooner. Some are space-saving storage solutions; others are products that’ll help you downsize; but what every item on this list has in common is that they'll make it easy for you to cut down on clutter for good.

If the idea of buying more stuff — even stuff that’s intended to help you get organized — feels a bit counterintuitive right now, that’s understandable. But realistically, a big part of the reason clutter seems to crop up every few months is because without functional storage systems, it’s difficult for even the tidiest person to keep things neat for long. By investing in the tools you’ll need to make your space as functional and efficient as possible, you’ll be setting yourself up for long-term organizational success.

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A Rolling Storage Drawer That Goes Under Your Bed

The space is too valuable to waste, but under-bed storage tends to pile up and trap dust and feel generally, well, cluttered. Enter: this under-bed storage bag. Thanks to its durable canvas build and zippered lid, your belongings are protected against dirt, dust, and moisture. Plus, it's super slim, so it'll fit under most low-profile bed frames.

  • Available styles: 2


The Original Inspiration For The Home Edit Netflix Show

If you're the type who finds an immaculately organized closet soothing, you've probably already heard of The Home Edit. Clea and Joanna are basically organization superheroes, but if you've only watched their Netflix Series or feasted your eyes on color-coded cabinets on their Instagram page, you need to read this book, pronto. Whether you're seeking inspiration to purge excess stuff or tips on how to organize your jewelry collection, you won't be disappointed by this New York Times best-seller.


An Adjustable Storage Shelf That'll Fit Inside That Awkward Cabinet Under The Sink

Since the cabinet under the kitchen sink tends to hold plumbing pipes, making the most out of that storage space can be tricky. Unless you have this ingenious shelf, that is — because the width of its durable metal frame and the height of the two shelves can be adjusted, you can easily customize the shelf to fit around pipes and other obstacles under your sink.

  • Available colors: 3


This Rolling Storage Cart That's Slim Enough To Put Almost Anywhere

This rolling storage cart has a slim, compact profile, but it's still spacious enough to hold a lot of stuff. It's perfect for cosmetics and other essentials in the bathroom, spices and other pantry items in the kitchen, office supplies near your desk, or excess cosmetics by your vanity. It's also great as a nightstand, plant stand, or side table, especially if you live in a small apartment or studio.


These Foldable Fabric Dividers That'll Revolutionize Your Underwear Drawer

These drawer dividers make it possible to keep small garments like socks and undies neatly organized in your drawers — a task that's practically impossible otherwise. Sold in a set of four, each divider has sewn-in compartments to fit socks, underwear, and bras of different sizes. The dividers can be configured in various arrangements to best fit inside your drawer, and they even fold flat for easy storage when they're not in use.

  • Available colors: 7


An Adjustable Makeup Organizer That Rotates A Full 360 Degrees

This best-selling makeup organizer solves the primary obstacle to keeping cosmetics neat: products vary so widely in shape and size. As a solution, the carousel-like organizer's shelves can be adjusted (or simply removed) to fit your unique collection perfectly. The organizer is made of high-quality hard plastic that's easy to wipe clean, and between the four middle shelves and the trays at the top and bottom, it can hold a truly impressive amount of stuff.


A Sturdy Storage Rack For Your Pans

Investing in a sturdy pan rack will not only cut down on clutter (and clatter!) in your kitchen cabinets, but can also help prevent your pans from getting scratched. Made of heavy-duty steel with either a chrome or bronze finish, the rack can sit horizontally on the floor of your cabinet, or you can install it vertically on the wall using a single screw.

  • Available colors: 2


A Discreet Way To Hide That Tangled Mess Of Cables & Cords

Cords are ubiquitous in any modern home, but this sleek cable organizer box prevents them from devolving into a tangled, messy eyesore. Made of flame-resistant ABS plastic and spacious enough to fit most power strips, it'll not only look much neater, but will also help prevent potential accidents involving curious pets or kids.

  • Available colors: 5


This Space-Saving Cutlery Organizer With Over 30,000 Five-Star Amazon Ratings

This best-selling utensil organizer stacks forks, knives, and spoons in angled layers, holding the same amount of cutlery (up to 24 pieces) in half the space a traditional tray would require. Space-saving solutions like this are key to a clutter-free home — now that half your kitchen drawer is freed up, you can use it stash whatever is currently cluttering up your counter.

  • Available sizes/styles: 4


A Set Of Two Clear Jars That Look Like Glass, But Are Actually Plastic

The potential ways to use these clear apothecary jars are nearly endless. Made of high-quality hard plastic with matching lids, the jars come in a set of two and can hold cotton swabs, floss picks, makeup sponges, candies, nuts, looseleaf tea ... you get the idea. "These definitely look more expensive than they are," one Amazon reviewer noted. "Not obvious they're acrylic, you could easily mistake them for glass."

  • Available sizes/sets: 3


An Adjustable Organizer For Your Food Storage Container Lids

If wrangling the lids to your food storage containers under control feels hopeless, you need this organizer ASAP. It's basically a sturdy plastic tray with five dividers, which can be adjusted to fit any lid up to 9 inches wide. "I love, love, love this storage container," one Amazon reviewer gushed. "Sounds silly, but it changed my life. No longer do I have storage container jenga!"

  • Available sizes: 4


These Stylish Steel Storage Caddies That Adhere Securely To Tile Or Glass

Mounting these stainless steel storage caddies to your shower or backsplash could hardly be easier — they're backed with a strong waterproof adhesive that's specifically designed for tricky surfaces like tile or glass. Sold in a set of two, the spacious baskets are perfect for dish soap and sponges, or shampoo and other shower essentials.

"I have been struggling with other shelves with suction cup adhesives that continuously fell off, sending my shampoo, conditioner and body wash crashing onto the shower floor," one Amazon reviewer shared. "But these adhesive strips feel really secure on my subway tiles," they concluded.


A Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet With A Built-In Toilet Paper Holder

This bathroom storage cabinet will take up hardly any floor space, but its height means it's still surprisingly spacious. It has a built-in toilet paper holder at the top, as well as two roomy compartments to hold backup rolls, hair and skin care products, cleaning supplies, and more. You can even put a candle or small plant on top! Taking advantage of vertical storage space is essential to avoiding clutter in a small room, so unless you have a giant bathroom, this is a must.


An Organizer For Your Makeup Palettes — & It Has So Many Glowing Reviews

This handy organizer makes it easy to see and access your collection of makeup palettes at any time. Made of clear, hard plastic, it's easy to wipe clean and won't clash with your decor. Another perk? When all eight slots in the organizer are full, it'll serve as a reminder to stop buying more until you've used up the ones you already have.

  • Available styles: 7


A Set Of Two Hanging Organizers With Lots Of Potential Uses

Sold in a two-piece set, these cloth organizers are easy to hang on a door or from a decorative hook on the wall. The smaller organizer has three pockets, while the larger one has seven; both can come in handy for storing a wide range of items, from office supplies to toys to cosmetics.

  • Available colors/styles: 2


A Slim Wireless Charger With Over 5,000 Perfect Five-Star Reviews On Amazon

Ditch the messy tangle of cables and charge your devices with this sleek wireless charger instead. Wildly popular among Amazon reviewers, the slim, disc-shaped charger will take up hardly any space on your desk or nightstand, and it even comes in cute colors to complement your decor. That said, like all wireless chargers, it won't work with older smart phone models, so be sure to check your device's capabilities before ordering.

  • Available colors: 10


This Wall-Mounted Dispenser For All Your Plastic Bags

There are several good reasons to invest in this best-selling, stainless steel bag dispenser. For one, it can hold enough plastic grocery bags to use up an entire drawer, so storing yours this way will save you storage space. Having all your bags in one place makes it a lot easier to actually re-use them, as well. Plus, it's super easy to mount on the wall in a place that makes sense for you — inside a kitchen cabinet, or by the door so you remember to grab one before walking the dog.


A Set Of Two Basic Desk Organizers For Files, Folders, & More

These desk organizers aren't necessarily anything groundbreaking, but there's a reason the simple design has stood the test of time. They're great for keeping papers, folders, and notebooks neatly organized and easy to find, and the price for a two-pack simply can't be beat. You can also find other types of organizers on the same page, all made of the same high-quality, easy-to-clean hard plastic.

  • Available styles: 11


This Pretty Hanging Organizer That's Made Of Linen & Cotton

Another hanging cloth storage bag with roughly a million potential uses, this one is made from a sturdy, durable, linen-cotton blend. It's outfitted with five pockets to hold mail, beauty supplies, and basically any other small item you need organized, and is easy to hang over a door or on the wall.


A Sturdy Steel Rack That Hangs Over The Door — & Holds Way More Than You'd Think

Even if you don't have a traditional pantry, you can basically create one out of thin air with this handy steel storage rack, which is designed to hang over a door or be mounted to the wall using the including hardware. Its five, basket-like wire shelves can hold a ton of stuff, and you can even adjust their heights to create a custom configuration that best fits your needs. Just don't be surprised if you wind up buying one for the office and playroom, too.


A Hanging Copper Basket To Hold Three Tiers Of Fruit & Veggies

This triple-tiered hanging basket will not only save counter space, but will also look attractive, especially when filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Made of durable iron in your choice of six colors, the baskets can also work for a range of practical purposes beyond the kitchen — it's perfect for craft supplies, toys, or just about any other small items you can think of.

  • Available colors/finishes: 6


A Surge Protector That Plugs Into The Wall & Has A Handy Built-In Shelf

Featuring eight AC outlets and two USB ports, this popular surge protector is more space-efficient than most — not only because it plugs directly into the wall outlet, rather than sitting on the floor, but also because it has a nifty built-in shelf to hold whatever it is you're charging.


A Sturdy, Wall-Mounted Rack For Brooms, Mops, & Other Cleaning Supplies

When cleaning, nothing is more infuriating than wrestling with a mess of clattering, tangled tools. This storage rack has four spring-loaded grips to keep mops, brooms, and similar items neatly organized and easy to access, as well as four sturdy hooks to hang gloves, brushes, and other supplies. Mount it on the wall using the included hardware, and you'll be amazed by how much of a difference it makes.

  • Available colors: 2


These Space-Saving Hangers Every Fashion Girl Needs

These ingenious hangers will literally revolutionize your closet, especially if you have limited space for hanging clothes. Each hanger can hold up to five items at once, thanks to its ingenious, cascading vertical design. The hangers are sturdy enough to hold heavier clothing, and when you want to, you can easily view your clothes horizontally by hooking the bottom of the hanger up onto your closet rod.

  • Available packs: 10-Pack, 16-Pack


A Stackable Shelf To Use With Or Without Storage Cubes

This popular shelf is an easy way to store just about anything, whether you use it on its own or add storage cubes like these. It's available in a range of sizes and it's stackable, making it easy to add more storage to your setup as needed down the road. Amazon reviewers note that it delivers excellent value for the price, since it's well-made and far more affordable than similar versions from competitors.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 7


These Ingenious Cable Clips That Amazon Reviewers Can't Stop Raving About

There are lots of different ways these cable clips can come in handy, as thousands of Amazon reviewers have attested to. Sold in a 16-pack, the plastic clips have adhesive on one side, and a small ridge to hold a cord or cable on the other. They're great for keeping your charging cables and cords neatly organized and easy to reach near your desk or nightstand, or for tackling the tangled mess of cords behind your TV. They also work as a stand for any long, thin object, such as toothbrushes or pens.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Bakeware Supplies & Cutting Boards

Hang this durable steel basket over a cabinet door for a space-efficient way to store cutting boards, baking trays, and other kitchen essentials with a similar shape. Amazon reviewers report that it's sturdy and super easy to assemble, giving it well over 2,000 glowing five-star reviews thus far.


A Slim Storage Cart That's Perfect For Small Spaces

This rolling storage cart is even slimmer than the already-slim one featured earlier, meaning it can fit practically anywhere. It's a great way to make use of awkward spaces that would otherwise go to waste, and its four shelves can hold an impressive amount of stuff.

"This little cart is AMAZING!" one Amazon reviewer wrote. "I have a ton of makeup but live in a tiny NYC apartment and this thing is such a lifesaver. It fits perfectly in the space between my toilet and wall, which is literally the only available space in my bathroom."

  • Available colors: 2


These Clear, Stackable Storage Containers That'll Make You Want To Post Your Pantry On Instagram

There are so many reasons to love these top-rated storage containers, which are sold in a seven-piece set of various sizes. They're clear, which makes it easy to see what's inside, and their airtight, locking lids will keep food fresh for longer. Plus, they're stackable and come with reusable, chalkboard-style labels — a huge plus if you're hoping to attain that ultra-organized, minimalist feel.

  • Available colors: 3


This Simple Desktop Shelf That'll Make Your Workspace So Much Neater

A smart feature makes this desktop organizer stand out from the rest: It comes in two separate parts that can be arranged in a configuration that works for your needs, making it far easier to keep your desk organized for good. Made of smooth, solid wood in your choice of three colors, it's well-made and looks super attractive, too.

  • Available colors: 4


A Sleek Magnetic Strip To Replace Your Knife Block

Storing your knives on this wall-mounted magnetic strip will not only free up a drawer or counter space, but will also give your kitchen a professional, minimalist feel. Amazon reviewers have nothing but good things to say about it, giving it more than 3,500 glowing reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating. Even if you're happy with your current knife storage system, the magnetic strip is also great for holding magnetic spice containers.


This Stylish Tufted Ottoman With Tons Of Storage Space

It's not hard to see why this storage ottoman has earned an impressive, 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Despite its affordable price, it looks like a far more expensive piece, with its smooth, faux-leather upholstery and sophisticated, contemporary design. Best of all, it has a ton of built-in storage space, and it can even be collapsed flat when it's not in use.

  • Available colors: 4


These Magnetic Storage Racks For Spices, Condiments, & Other Small Goods

This magnetic shelf will free up lots of cabinet or counter space, and since it doesn't need to be installed, it won't damage your walls, either. Backed with powerful magnets that make it surprisingly sturdy (it can hold up to six pounds), it can be attached to your fridge, stove, washer, or any other metal surface. It also has two removable hooks on the side, which are perfect for hanging oven mitts or utensils, for example.


This Hanging Desk Organizer With A Pretty Rose Gold Finish

Get the clutter on your desk under control with this pretty file organizer. Made of sturdy steel with a rose or yellow gold finish, it's designed to hang on the wall, so it won't take up any space. It has five cascading slots to hold papers, folders, notebooks, and more, plus a tray on the bottom for stationary and other small desk accessories.

  • Available colors: 2


A Jewelry Box With A Glass Top So You Can Display Your Favorite Pieces

Trinket trays and jewelry stands work well for a few favorite pieces, but a real jewelry box, like this one, is a must for a full-sized collection. The box itself is covered in supple vegan leather, with a glass top and three velvet-lined trays to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and any other jewelry you want to keep safe and scratch-free.

"This box is so stunning and elegant-looking," one Amazon reviewer gushed. "The glass lid is so perfect to display my favorite pieces."

  • Available colors: 5


A Smart Way To Maximize The Storage Space In A Small Closet

Hang this sturdy fabric organizer from your closet rod to create extra shelves to hold folded clothes, storage baskets, or shoes. In addition to its five shelves, the organizer also has two mesh pockets on each side, which are perfect for holding smaller items like scarves, belts, or swimwear. Compared to similar products, this shelf is on the smaller side, so it's a great way to make use of vertical space in a tiny closest.

  • Available colors: 5


These Baskets That Maximize The Storage Space In Your Pantry, Cabinets, & Fridge

Sold in an affordable pack of two, these metal storage baskets are designed to slide onto an existing shelf in a cabinet (or the pantry, or the fridge), making great use of vertical space that would likely be wasted otherwise. Just be sure to measure your shelf before ordering — the baskets' shelf arm is 1-inch thick.

  • Available colors: 2


A Pretty Bedskirt To Hide Under-Bed Clutter

This bedskirt will hide your box frame and any clutter beneath your bed, and the grandmillenial home decor trend means the look is totally in style, too. The skirt is made of durable microfiber with a cute pom-pom trim and has a 16-inch drop. Because it attaches to your bed with elastic and doesn't have a platform, it's much easier to install than most traditional bedskirts.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 5


A Set Of Clear Plastic Containers That'll Make Your Fridge So Neat & Organized

Sold in a set of six pieces — five stackable containers, plus a matching tray for eggs — these clear plastic organizers will completely transform your fridge, especially if your current setup has too few drawers or shelves. They're great for creating sections for various food types in the fridge, but they can also come in handy in other areas of the house, like the pantry or playroom.


This Ingenious Bedside Caddy So Your Nightstand Stays Neat

Clutter doesn't look gorgeous anywhere, but clutter on a nightstand tends to be the first thing you see when you look at your bedroom. This ingenious bedside caddy is perfect for holding those nighttime essentials you don't necessarily want on display (like your water bottle and TV remote, for example) making it easy to keep your actual nightstand looking neat.

  • Available colors: 6


An Over-The-Door Shoe Storage Rack That'll Free Up So Much Floor Space

You'll free up so much space in your closet by installing this over-the-door shoe storage rack. Crafted of durable resin with bars made of slip-proof coated steel, the sturdy rack can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes at once. Plus, the shoe rack can hang on either side of the door for easy access or more discreet storage.


A Large Woven Basket That's Both Practical & Stylish

How pretty is this giant woven basket? It looks like it would cost at least five times what it does. Made of jute and cotton rope with sturdy reinforced handles, it's functional storage that's attractive enough to display in a main living area — perfect for anything from extra blankets to pet toys. It would also make a stylish laundry basket for a small space!

  • Available styles: 3

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