How To Make This ‘90s Furniture Style Feel Fresh Again

Perfect for cozy corners.

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Beanbag furniture trend
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With so many nostalgic childhood fashion trends making a comeback (think scrunchies, head scarves, and other ‘90s faves), it only makes sense that furniture would follow suit. And actually, it’s already been in the works. Between the squiggle decor and curvy sofas, it’s pretty clear that the ‘80s and ‘90s have taken over home decor and now there’s another style from back in the day that’s popping up everywhere: Beanbag furniture.

You probably remember cozying up in a beanbag chair in a dorm room or childhood bedroom a while back, but the latest versions of the slouchy pieces are actually pretty chic. And besides the vintage appeal, designers point to one key reason you’re seeing a beanbag resurgence — comfort. “More than ever before, our home is our sanctuary, a place for comfort and groundedness,” says Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design. “Low-lying, casual, no-fuss and relaxed furniture all plays into this new interpretation of home.”

And Kirsten Krason, co-founder of House of Jade Interiors, believes trying this trend is a great way to shake up your current interior (or exterior, for that matter, as these pieces are also a major outdoor furniture trend). “Everyone is always looking for a way to make their spaces feel unique and sometimes the typical sofa/armchair/armchair combo can feel a little expected,” she says. “A beanbag style chair makes a room feel fresh and fun.”

The latest beanbags — and beanbag-inspired styles — probably look like the ones you grew up with, and that’s a good thing. Their sophisticated counterparts are made with more luxe materials (think bouclé or velvet) and have a bit more structure than a simple slouchy sack. Use them as you would an oversized floor cushion: As the centerpiece of a cozy corner or on the patio for sunset (or poolside) lounging.

But before you buy one, you might want to take note of some expert advice for styling a beanbag so it looks cool and modern — not childish. Ahead, find a few decorators’ tips to make this trend feel so grown-up, then browse from a few especially polished styles.

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Go For A Luxe Material

“Look for a great material,” suggests Maureen Stevens of Maureen Stevens Design. “For instance, a mudcloth lounger is best for bohemian spaces, faux fur and Mongolian are great for luxe/more romantic spaces, and knitted ones will be great for Scandinavian and Hygge-themed rooms.” And Leigh also loves the idea of incorporating some texture. “Look for low-lying poufs and bean bags with an interesting, nubbly texture and neutral tones,” Leigh says. “These offer an elevated take on the pleather bean bags of the past.”

Think About Levels

Beanbag furniture is by nature closer to the floor than other styles, so be sure that height difference makes sense with the other pieces in your space. “A beanbag can be paired with a low coffee table to make it feel more purposeful in a living room environment,” Krason says.

Try By A Window

Krason also says that you can use the beanbag’s height to your advantage by placing it near a window. “A beanbag could work well in front of a window where you don't typically want a high backed chair blocking your valuable view,” she explains. “Natural light is valuable, so we try not to block it when we can help it.” And cozy seating plus outdoor view is a totally winning decor combo.

Take It Outside

Lauren Lerner of Living with Lolo says she’s been using beanbags more and more frequently with clients — particularly in outdoor areas. “We love to use beanbag-style loungers by the pool for a modern and comfortable pool vibe,” she says.

Made For Movies

“Beanbags are an amazing seating option in a media room or theater,” Krason says. “They are comfortable while feeling a little fun and funky which you want in a modern media room.” And Lerner cosigns on this placement, saying the fact that they’re “ultra inviting and cozy and entice people to sit and stay,” which makes them perfect in this type of lounging space.

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